Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone. He has founded three companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group.

He has shared his sales and business expertise as a motivational speaker and author of five books: Sell to Survive; The Closers Survival Guide; If You’re Not First, You’re Last; The 10X Rule; and Sell or Be Sold.


Here are the 10 success lessons from Grant Cardone – “Motivational speaker, Bestselling Author” for entrepreneurs,

1. Cold calling is not dead

Having recently come out with a product called ‘Millions on the Phone’ that is having rave reviews Grant is obviously a fan of the phone.

Grant has built a multimillion dollar company through cold calling and he shows that sales practices don’t have to be new and shiny (read: social selling nonsense) they just need to be repeatable and actually convert.

2. You need to be known by your effort

The thing that sets millennials apart when most of us are trying to find the quickest, easiest and least sustainable way to wealth is how much effort an individual puts into their job.

It’s a sad fact but if you seriously hustle at anything you will become known because a strong work ethic is a rare commodity. Don’t be XYZ the guy that sells ABC, become that guy that works harder than anyone else and you will be rewarded.

3. If they can’t help you then they will probably hurt you

Either the people you are spending time with in your life are able to contribute to your life or they are going to take energy from your movement. Make a list of the people you spend time with and in the right column put an ‘x’ if they can’t or don’t help you.

The point of this exercise is not to get rid of them but to make you understand you need some new people in your life. Build a list of people that can add to your movement not just simply passengers, critics and commentators.

4. Half of what your parents taught you is holding you back

Your parents job was to protect you. It was useful at one time and now it is a liability. You want to be successful–you don’t need protection–you need to take risk.

5. Liking a Person is NOT a reason to do business together

Just because you like someone is not a reason to do business with them. They can either grow your business or they can’t. They will either help you or they will not. Some people are just meant to be friends not partners.

If you can’t talk about the difficult stuff with someone because of family or friendship do not do business with them.

6. 10X Everything

“Take whatever goal you have and multiply it times 10. Even if you come up short, you’ll achieve more than you originally planned to.”

When it comes to productivity, the amount of actions you take plays a big part in how much you get done and what kinds of results you get from those actions. You might think you’re getting a whole lot done today, or this week. Or in general. But what If you were to take those goals, actions, targets, and multiply them times 10?

Instead of 4 blog posts a month, go for 40 blog posts a month. Instead of 20 phone calls, go for 200. Instead of reading 10 books a year, go for 100 books a year. Because even If you don’t hit the goal, you will undoubtedly achieve much more than you would have otherwise.

7. Leave no white space on your calendar

In many of his videos on YouTube Grant mentions the benefits of leaving no white space on your calendar. Meaning – whatever it is you’ve got in your schedule, and whatever it is you need to do today, tomorrow, and so on, should be filled with activities and tasks. So many activities and tasks that you have no excuses to be lazy or get nothing done.

The usual criticism of this is people think filling up your day with tasks and activities is bound to overwhelm them. But it motivates and pushes you even more to as productive as possible.

8. Speed is power

Speed kills…. But what about when it comes to being more productive and getting things done? That’s the message here. The quicker you act and the faster you move, the more you’ll get done, the more time you’ll create, and the more time you’ll have to do more.

We have a tendency to get things done slowly, and treat things as if they’re a bother or unimportant. But acting with urgency and speed can make all the difference with productivity.

9. Track everything that’s important to you

In Grant Cardone’s audio book – 100 Ways To Stay Motivated, he mentions this important point of tracking everything you find valuable.

So for example – If losing weight is important to you, track your weight each week to see how much progress you’re making. Or if blogging is important to you, track how many posts you’re writing on a weekly basis. If calorie intake is important, track that on a weekly basis, too.

10. Happiness is a scam

The G-Dawg understands and shares that money isn’t everything. But if you are going to hustle hard each day you need to be in control of your personal motivation. Not letting your outside world effect your inside world is a huge part of this.

Once you stop chasing money because you think it will make you happier you can be far more strategic about how you acquire (and invest it rather than the common blunder of spending it for immediate gratification).

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