A startup by definition is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. A startup is usually a company such as a small business, a partnership or an organization designed to rapidly develop scalable business model. Often, startup companies deploy technologies, such as Internet, e-commerce, computers, telecommunications, or robotics.


With 2016 having entering it eleventh month, we have enlisted 10 names that made a positive impact in the Tech-startup scenario.

1. Realbox Data Analytics

Realbox Data Analytics uses business intelligence and predictive analysis tools to help offline businesses increase revenues and decrease risk. Their signature product, Pulse, provides decision- makers business summaries and key performance metrics on their mobile devices in real time, helping them remain agile and in control of their businesses.

2. Algo Engines

Algo Engines uses machine learning to provide operational intelligence such as real-time monitoring, performance analytics, accurate energy forecasts and failure prediction for the wind, solar and hydro-electric segments of the energy industry. Algo acquired its first customer in 2014 and already supports over 2,500MW of wind and solar capacity across India, Thailand, The Philippines and Japan.

3. Azooka

Azooka Life Sciences (Azooka) is India’s only speciality fluorescent dye company. Its first product tinto rang™ has zero toxicity, mutagenicity, and is non-hazardous, as it was developed from a plant that has traditionally been used as a food additive. Azooka’s  tinto rang™  is a food-grade DNA and RNA stain in the world that doesn’t alter the structure of the DNA and it can thus be used for multiple tests.

All you entrepreneurs in the mobile space, developers building apps for the next billion users and startups looking to showcase your app/product to the best of the best from the mobile ecosystem – don’t miss your chance.

4. Cloudrino

Cloudrino aims to simplify its customers’ server needs. It provides users with a graphical management console to manage their cloud servers without any platform or Operating System dependencies. Cloudrino also provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and specialises in High Availability (HA) architecture.

5. AntCrawl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

AntCrawl’s flagship product ProgressHive creates progressive web applications (the next stage for web/app development) for enterprises. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that helps businesses build new-age apps that are connectivity-independent, meaning the web app can work offline and even in low network zones. Currently in beta, AntCrawl is a promising company for the future.

6. InfiSecure

InfiSecure is a robust web security platform to detect and block online security threats. It enables online businesses to fine-tune control over bot traffic on their websites. The service bundles all aspects of website security, including bot protection, click fraud protection and fake traffic prevention.

7. AutoVRse

AutoVRse builds virtual reality (VR) software for the automotive industry to be deployed both at the design stage as well as at key customer touch points, such as the showroom.  The company currently offers two solutions. The first is the AutoVRse Design Studio, a visualisation software that aims to replace physical prototypes and helps evaluate 3D models at scale. The second solution, Virtual Showroom, helps potential car buyers interact with the full range of car variants and colours in a showroom environment.

8. Crofarm

Crofarm’s business credo is F2B – from Farm to Business. The company’s aim is to build a technology powered supply chain that supports farmers and provides businesses with the freshest produce in the most efficient manner. Crofarm aims to change the way food retailers procure the produce. The tech platform will help farmers take their produce to market faster, thus improving realisations and minimising wastage. For retailers, it will mean getting better quality produce at better prices.

9. Citizengage

Citizengage is a technology company operating an end-to-end waste management platform. The company preserves the value of waste at source and connects communities, businesses, waste collectors, energy producers, and recyclers through transparent transactions. Citizengage’s efforts help reduce landfill use, power clean energy, and build recycling economies.

10. HyperTrack

HyperTrack offers location tracking as a service. The company helps developers worldwide focus on building location tracking features, not infrastructure. HyperTrack reduces the complexity of building a continuous location tracking infrastructure to few easy API calls that just work.

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