All of us constantly look for inspiration, and what can be a better source than some inspirational literature. Here are a 10 e-books that every entrepreneur should read.


1. Little Black Book for Stunning Success – Robin Sharma

In this book Robin Taks about leadership and personal mastery. He explains some powerful daily practices, key tips, challenges, and more to boost your overall success. Personal and professional greatness takes work. Here is the link for the e-book.

2. Communication Hacks: 3 ways to cultivate healthy communication at home or work  – Danny Silk

Danny in his book talks about keys to effective communication, as well as how to avoid communication pitfalls. With this book you can learn to create patterns of healthy communication at work with colleagues and even at home. Here is the link for the e-book.

3. The checklist for making better decisions – Simple Mindfullness

This book will surely help you in making better decisions. By following this 10-step guide, you can prevent yourself from wasting time and allow you to make decisions confidently without regret. Here is the link for the e-book.

4. Business Leader combat- how to get and keep an edge over your competitors and win on the business battlefield – Andreas A. Jones

When you apply the concepts of military preparation and execution of assignments to your business, non-profit, or life, you’ll develop new strategies that are tough enough to withstand the most fearsome of internal and external opponents. Here is the link for the e-book.

5. Confidence – How to overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve your goals – Martin Meadows

Low self-efficacy has been one of the most common but understated reasons why people face difficulties in making a change. This books aims to help people learn how to develop more confidence in your abilities by developing a strong sense of self-efficacy. Here is the link for the e-book.

6. Effective goal setting – developing your productivity skills – Free Mangement Ebooks

Here is a doze of inspiration with these proven strategies for setting goals to help you and your team make things happen in your organization. The book talks about setting practical targets by applying the two most popular methods that will help you on your way to success. Here is the link for the e-book.

7. My daily ritual for extreme productivity- Ilias Tsagklis

This book from Ilias talks about the ways to accomplish more in one day than other people accomplish in probably a week. Mastering productivity is the key to truly getting things done. It will take you thru the path to boost your productivity to levels you never thought possible. Here is the link to the e-book.

8. Business networking for dummies – Stefan Thomas

Time and again we have been emphasizing that networking plays a very important role in building a great business. Stefan, in his book talks about how to grow your business, build your career, find more customers, and build a valuable support network of like-minded business people. Here is the link to the e-book.

9. Work smarter not harder: 18 productivity tips that boost your work day performance – Timo Kiander

Get rid of distractions and achieve more in work and life with these 18 actionable ways to get more done smartly. This book can be your personal guide for helping you on your journey to increased productivity and better habits. Here is a link to the e-book.

10. Secrets to productibity, work/ life balance and success – Matt Heinz

At times all of us feel out of control and unable to focus or prioritize, lack the work-life balance that we want, or notice that we are often too tactical vs. strategic. If any of this applies, this is the book for you. Become more effective with your time and energy with these tips. Here is the link to the e-book.

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