Indians love to eat, all Indian states have a cuisine and speciallity of their own and when it comes to steet food, we have some lip smacking recipies throughout the length and breadth of the country. Based out of Mumbai, and founded in 2014, Ekplate is a hyper local street food finder app that helps people find amazing street food at a click of a button. The company was founded by Harsh Shah.

Harsh, a true foodie at heart and a 23 year old Business Management Graduate started working on the Ekplate project since end of 2014 during his final year of College. He finally launched the street food finding app end of August 2016. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as it provides a level playing ground for street food vendors to market themselves and be found by people who love street food. Harsh is the Founder and CEO and Rajeev RK is the CTO of the business, the current team size is 7. ekplateteam

Ekplate is a Social Impact start-up that wishes to uplift the lives of the street food vendors and train them about health and food safety. The venture also wants to give the street food vendors a level playing field and promote them and their story on their channels of communication. Essentially organizing this currently unorganized space. Harsh tells

“Ekplate is the first app that has a feature that block all non-veg food to be displayed for their vegetarian users. It has a rating system that has two matrices one for Taste of the food and other Hygiene.”

Apart from this you will have the ability to choose by a Vendor, Item or Location. Be directed to the vendor of choice with an interactive map view, give ratings and reviews, look at trending vendors. Ekplate is a crowdsourced platform and gives the power to our users to add their favourate vendors on the app and make the vendors famous. They have over 3500 Street food vendors on the app and more are getting added everyday. The venture has a strong social media presence with their instagram coming close to 17K followers and a 1,00,000 view Impression a week.

Ekplate team wants to aggregate the biggest possible repository of street food information and contacts and connect the street food patrons to their favourite “Ek Plates” First in Mumbai and then across India. They realize that the love for street food and “Ek Plates” is not restricted to India. The world at large enjoys it and they endeavor to grow “Ek Plate” into a global brand and first port-of-call for street food lovers. Harsh adds:

“We also wish to Train the street food vendors on health and food safety. We have already started sending sms and WhatsApp messages to some of our vendors about the same.”

You can download the app here

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