When Vishwas Mudgal joined Sonia Sharma in her venture GoodWorkLabs in October 2014, little did they know that they would soon surpass their own expectation. The company was founded by Sonia Sharma in 2013 and Mudgal initially backed the venture as the first investor, before joining in the team. GoodWorkLabs, is currently headquartered in Bangalore with offices in San Francisco Bay Area, USA, and Kolkata.

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Mudagal is a successful serial entrepreneur, CEO and a best-selling author. He started his first company, Infovision Computer Academy at the age of eighteen to educate rural students in North Karnataka. In 2007, he founded JobeeHive.com to enable professionals and students to research employers and salaries through employer reviews, ratings and salary reports being submitted by employees. In 2009 at the age of 27, he was appointed as the CEO of a Canadian MNC called Castle Rock, where he set up their high-end software R&D centre and business operations in Bangalore & Kolkata. He continued to nurture his entrepreneurial dream and joined GoodWorkLabs as the CEO in 2014. His work did not impact his passion for story telling and his debut novel ‘Losing My Religion’ went on to become a No.1 National Best-seller with global acclaim and fan following.

Sonia Sharma completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from UIIT in 2004. Prior to hopping on to the entrepreneurial bandwagon, she gained rich corporate and startup experience working with Arcot Systems (bought over by CA) for 2 years and Aveksa (bought over by EMC) in Bangalore. She handles the client engagement, tech delivery and operations, all while wearing several other hats at the organisation. A strong supporter of social welfare, Sonia is also leading the company’s CSR initiatives by adopting schools in partnership with Akshay Patra and other NGOs to help children from marginalised families receive quality education and nutrition.

GoodWorkLabs is one of the leading new-age outsourced product development (OPD) firm and UX design studio. It is focussed on helping Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike to design and build robust products, be it mobile apps, software or games. The company claims to have grown at a rate of 500% year-on-year. They count Flipkart, Apple, Samsung, CommonFloor, Hindustan Unilever, Sesame Street, ST Dupont and Avaya among others as their marquee clients and partners.

The company broadly has four business units that run independently and have focused roadmap and growth targets–

  1. Mobile Apps division
  2. Software Products division
  3. Gaming division
  4. UX Design Studio

The 80 member team at GoodWorkLabs comprises of  30% women. The company has handpicked candidates who show the passion for innovation, love for creativity, and exhibit problem solving and analytical skills. The company believes in a open door culture, where you can walk up to and talk to anyone irrespective of the heirarchy. They believe in the Agile principles of having smaller teams, which are self driven and take ownership as well as promote customer collaboration.

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Sonia tells Knowstartup.com-

“Our USP is our design thinking. We have an in-house UX design studio and a seasoned design team which helps us design products which not only have aesthetic value, but are also easy-to-use. In short, GoodWorkLabs specialises in building the coolest UX and UI for mobile and software products. The best companies in the world have hired GoodWorkLabs to design the UX and visual design of their products, apps and games.”

Adding on to this Vishwas tells us-

“In parallel, our strength further comes from the fact that we understand hard core technology product development with agile software development processes and extreme programming. GoodWorkLabs ensures hiring of the best talent to build robust and scalable technology.”

GoodWorkLabs has been building products that impact millions of lives and shape the future of technology and industry. Doing this takes a solid foundation and strong values, which the founders describe as below:

  • Beauty: Everything we do has to be beautiful, easy-to-use, and efficient. Aesthetic and practical design is the core of our work. And attention-to-detail, the bottom line principle. Our UX Design Studio is credited with creating products that reimage the future.
  • Scalability: Every piece of technology we build has to be tough, bug free, optimised and scalable. This reflects from our hiring philosophy, where we hand pick talented professionals and developers who are passionate and who love to solve problems.
  • Agility: Everything we craft is done iteratively with passion, love and honesty. We are always ready to take feedback from the market/users and change our course to bring out the best possible product that will succeed in the market.
  • Innovation: We believe in questioning the status quo. We believe in pushing the limits. We believe in changing the world through technology and design.

GoodWorkLabs won Deloitte fastest 50 in India. They also won Red Herring Global 2016 and Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award 2016. The list just does not end here, there are a lot of other laurels that went into their kitty-

  • India’s Top 10 Best UX Design Studio 2015- Pool Magazine
  • Hot 50 Bangalore Brands 2015- Hindustan Times and Bangalore Brand Summit
  • 20 Most Valuable Mobile Application Solution Provider- Insights Success
  • Fastest Growing Indian Company Award 2014- IAC

Work for GoodWorkLabs 2.0 is going on. The team plans to build a robust and scalable platform that enterprise customers and businesses can use to launch their mobile applications, automation, workflow processes, and business solutions. Working on the same ideaology, and after their pilot launch with few clients, they have come up with a phenomenal enterprise mobility platform called GoodWorks Mobility, which will be officially launched shortly. The company is also in process of incubating a startup and supporting them with not only an office space, but also guidance on how to pursue the right way to get their product to the relevant market. The space will be operational in the coming few months.

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