Till a few years back, the Indian medical system had a grave shortcoming crying for attention – the absence of an integrated healthcare delivery system. The players operating in this space were neither specialised nor well equipped and the industry as a whole was fragmented and disorganised. But a lot has changed and the need for professional intervention has never been more strongly felt. The increasing elderly population, higher life expectancy, rise in the standard of living, increased spends on wellness and healthcare and the early onset of lifestyle diseases have been among the many factors that make it imperative for home healthcare providers to make an entry and take over exactly from where the doctors/hospitals leave. The idea is for healthcare providers across platforms and geographies to work collectively in making the recovery process faster, convenient and more hassle-free for patients.


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Team- The Project Health

And one such startup that is making its mark in this field is ‘The Project Health‘. The Project Health is a Healthcare IT startup having two Apps in its kitty- HELP and DocQ. HELP is available on Android and ios store and allows its users to find the nearest medical service based on the current location and helps to book an appointment directly with the doctor. And, DocQ- Later built another service for the doctor’s fraternity which will increase their efficiency and reduce patient waiting time.

Based out of Mumbai and founded in 2014, ‘The Project Health’is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Chintan Bhatia and Karan Desai. Chintan Bhatia acts as a strategist in the company and Karan Desai is a catalyst. Chintan Bhatia has an elaborate experience in the IT sector and aviation while Karan Desai was mainly from the Finance background. After understanding the need and the grave issues in the Healthcare sector, they decided to form The Project Health where the vision is ‘Better Patient Experience’. The Project Health is now slowly increasing their team and currently we are having a management team of 6 people comprising of both the co-founders, Product Head, Chief of buzz, HR manager, and IT developer. Apart from the management team, we have people on the field working as business development executives.

Their USP is being pure tech oriented that has radical solution for better health services. The Future plan is to keep improving the technology and provide better healthcare solutions.

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