This startup is an online aggregator for office spaces – Spacewhiz

Startups are the trend of our times and one thing that bothers the budding entrepreneurs is the constraint that we face in getting office spaces as per requirement. One startup that has taken up this task of providing office spaces to entrepreneurs and startups is Spacewhiz.


Team Spacewhiz

Spacewhiz Solutions Pvt. an online aggregation portal of coworking spaces and shared offices. They offer dedicated work stations, private cabins, conference rooms, training rooms on an hourly, daily weekly and monthly basis to Starts-ups, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and SMEs. Spacewhiz offers coworking spaces and shared offices that allows Freelancers, Business Professionals,Entrepreneurs and Start-ups easily locate and book workspaces to ideate,collaborate and conquer. One can book on hourly,daily,weekly or monthly basis. All this makes Spacewhiz a perfect platform for SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups looking for convenient and flexible work spaces with all facilities.

Spacewhiz is based out of Mumbai and was founded in the year 2015 by  Naomi Aggarwal and Uday Aggarwal. Naomi is a B.Com and Fashion Designing graduate from Sydenham College, Mumbai and completed her MBA from Connecticut, USA. Naomi worked professionally in the US for 12 years, with United Technologies and KPMG. She continued with KPMG in India when she moved back in 2011. National Lawn Tennis player. Uday is a B.Com graduate from Mumbai and completed his MBA in US. He worked with Thomson Reuters for 12 years.

In today’s time of space crunch, for budding entrepreneurs, Spacewhiz is the perfect solution.