With the changing trends and lifestyle, there is a huge population that desire an asset light lifestyle. Well for this population there is now an ideal partner that can cater to all their furniture needs and the name is GuaRented.


GuaRented is an online portal for reliably renting products that caters to the fast growing community of people not looking to own things either due to financial reasons or just because they are constantly on the move and desire an asset light lifestyle and the number of such people is growing at a very high rate.


Team GuaRented

Based out of Bangalore, GuaRented was founded in the year 2015 by Abhimanyu, Prateek Agarwal  and Harshwardhan Raikwar. Abhimanyu was a co-founder at retention.ai (An intelligent user analytics platform for mobile) which recently got acquired by In Shorts(Start up in the content space,mobile only). Prior to that he was working with 247 iLabs as developer.He is heading technology for GuaRented. Prateek Agarwal has worked with Ola and was responsible for expanding it to most of the cities including Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and then some. After that he was heading operations for Magic Tiger, an on demand delivery platform on mobile. He is responsible for Operations and Expansion at GuaRented. And, Harshwardhan Raikwar headed special projects and sales in Capillary. At GuaRented, Harshwardhan is playing the admin role for Guarented as well as looking at Marketing and fund raising.

GuaReted has figured that the main bottle neck in rental industry is the supply. To crack the supply side, they are building a unique business model around crowd funding. They are making individuals looking to invest in consumer durable as an asset class their asset owners and sharing their revenues with them.

The team mainly consists of IIT Kharagpur graduates and all of them have previously worked with various start-ups across different domains and are extremely passionate about start-ups. Their future plans include growing the crowd-funding platform through which assets are leased to a volume of INR 3 Cr. They also aim at increasing the customer base to 5,000 in the next 6 months and expand to multiple cities.

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