Teachers and educators have been known as the pillars for any country or community. However, having said that, there is a huge dearth of good educators and teachers. All one would requires is  a platform enabling educators teach online & reach students beyond boundaries. One startup that does this and more is Learnyst.



Team Learnyst

Learnyst has helped more than 70+ educators teach 80,000 students over last 2 years. Thus, enabling educators teach online & reach students beyond boundaries. On an average, educators on Learnyst are generating 10X revenue with total courses sales revenue of $4 Million till date. Educators can launch and manage their branded online teaching platforms through single admin dashboard without worrying about technology. It provides incredible opportunity and flexibility for educators that anyone from any part of the word can access their course content through their brand apps.

With Learnyst marketing tools, educators can reach millions of learners beyond boundaries. Educators can launch their course content in the form of Videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML Lessons and assessments (mock tests). Some of the key features offered by Learnyst include – Do-It-Yourself website builder, adaptive video streaming, content hosting, assessment interface, content security, payment gateway integration, custom domain, branded mobile apps, in-depth student analytics, marketing tools.

Based out of Bangalore and founded in 2015 by Shankar Mahesh and Shivaranjan Kumar, Learnyst is their second startup. Both founders are passionate technocrats with a strong belief that technology can transform this world for better.

What makes Learnyst stand out in competition are the key USPs that Learnyst offers, which includes:

1. Do-It-Yourself website builder for creating beautiful online website. Educators can create customized & branded eLearning website in just under 15 minutes. There is no coding required. Website built on Learnyst are SEO optimized and responsive.

2. Branded Android & iOS mobile apps to teach and sell course on mobile.

3. Integrated Payment gateway to sell course and mock tests from your brand. Instantly integrate with your desired payment gateway and keep 100% of course revenue. Learnyst is pre-integrated with payment gateways like CCavenue, Razorpay, Instamojo, Paypal and Stripe.

4. Support for diverse course content type like Videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML Lessons and assessments (mock tests)

5. Content encryption to prevent piracy. All your videos and PDF course content are encrypted and streamed to learners. Thus making it near to impossible for learners to download course content.

6. Marketing tools like coupon codes, email, SMS, push notification & third party tools integration helps educators reach learners beyond geographies.

7. Integrated LMS system with easy to use course builder, test builder, student manager and analytics tools.

8. In-depth student analytics helps educators assess learners performance. There by enabling them to provide targeted feedback and recommendations to learners.

9. Industry standard learning interface to view course content, discussion boards, personal notes section, test engine to take assessments and more.

10. Support for other eLearning features like adaptive streaming, multiple admins, social login, course certificates, multiple languages, currency settings etc.

Learnyst has 70+ subscribed educators with 80,000 students across India and abroad accessing 3900+ courses. They have educators from India, Singapore, Middle east, Europe & US. With Learnyst educators are able to generate 10X return on investment. They have helped educators earn more than $4 Million in revenue through course sales.

Learnyst has all the necessary features to cater for Indian market. With features like offline content access, content security, Integration with Indian payment gateway vendors, test interface similar to actual competitive exams are some of the key features that Indian customers can benefit from Learnyst. They are targeting test prep institutes, teachers & corporate trainers in India. They believe Learnyst can make a significant contribution in digitizing online learning in India.

Though most of the marketing effort will be confined to Indian market through 2017, Learnyst is built for global educators. They will be actively be looking to serve educators outside India. Learnyst supports multiple languages, different currency types and standard learning tools that should suit the requirement of most educators around the world.

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