While the Indian online market is growing exponentially with people buying from groceries to refrigerators and chips to computers, it is still difficult to find a one stop solution for all your tech product and accessory needs. Well, this is where LatestOne comes in.


LatestOne is a vertical specific ecommerce site dealing in Tech Products and Accessories like Mobile Accessories, Tablet Accessories, Computer Accessories etc. They are a team of excessively cool people working day and night to bring you the most awesome products and the most awesome prices. At Latestone.com, the focus is on customer satisfaction. They aspire to provide their customers the best experience, and they back it up with uncompromising integrity.

LatestOne is owned by Palred Online Technologies Pvt. Ltd which is a subsidiary of Palred Technologies Ltd, a public limited company listed at BSE and NSE. They are the only public listed company operating in E-commerce business in India at the moment. They provide their customers with quality products at lower prices, with a return and refund policy should anyone be dissatisfied with their products for any reason. All their products are covered under either manufacturer warranty or our in-house warranty.

In today’s world where every person is a gadget freak, it is becoming difficult to find & buy cables, the accessories that connect various electronic and tech products to each other. The number of electronic and tech gadgets for audio, video, computing, communicating, display and printing in the hands of consumers are growing rapidly. As a result the need to connect them with different pins, cable types, colors and lengths is growing into a complex problem. The range of such cables used for audio, video and data transfer is almost 3,000. What you need, may be just one out of these thousands of cables and finding it in any store may not be easy online or offline! LatestOne solves this problem for one and all.

Based out of Hyderabad and founded by Ameen Khwaja in the year 2014, LatestOne is a team of 200 plus highly motivated, result oriented digital marketing and IT professionals. Ameen Khwaja is a true source of inspiration for his team. An engineer from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Mr. Khwaja started his career as a sales manager. He always had a knack for intelligence and analytics, which eventually led him down the path of digital marketing and finally, as the CEO of his own startup, LatestOne.com.

Speaking about LatestOne, Ameen mentioned,

“The complex range of cables required to connect computers, printers, TVs, Music Systems, Projectors, Gaming Consoles and mobile devices can be found on LatestOne.com and our products come with a one year guarantee. We have started receiving orders from remote locations in the country, already. We will be adding another 1,000 cable & connector types to our inventory this quarter making it the largest online or offline store for cables in the country.”

LatestOne.com is India’s only e-tailer specialized in tech and mobile accessories. Be it Bluetooth devices, mobile covers, tablet accessories, cables, power banks, Android TVs, headsets, smart watches or CCTV’s, it stocks over 10,000 different products in its inventory and operates through its own warehouses.


They are currently achieving 5000 orders per day and in the next 3 years target to achieve INR 500 crores revenue.

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