If you are an entrepreneur, then you are always going to be given advice on how to run and ramp up your business—whether it’s from friends, family, or your mentors. While a lot of new entrepreneurs will welcome the advice, it’s critical that you are careful about what advice you absorb and what you choose to ignore.

Dalai Lama once said,

“when you speak, you are only repeating what you already know, but when you listen, you learn something new”.


Here 10 Successful entrepreneurs share the best advice they ever got,

1. Guy Kawasaki: “Listen to your customers.”

“Best advise that I ever got came from-Marty Gruber, president of a Jewellery manufacturer that I was working for in Los Angeles, before my tech career. He said ‘As long as people are complaining, they still want to do business with you. When they stop complaining is when you need to worry'”

2. Sheryl Sandberg: “Seize the opportunity that comes your way.”

“The best advice I received was from Eric Schmidt, when he was Google’s CEO & I was thinking about not taking the offer from Google. He told me that when picking a job, only one criteria mattered: Fast Growth. He said, ‘if you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, you dont ask what seat. You just get on.”

3. Lewis Howes: “Invest in yourself.”

“Grant Cardone told me to invest more  of the money I make back into my brand and in myself. Always invest in you!”

4. Derek Halpern: “Do great work and promote the hell out of it.”

“The best business advice I ever got was from a simple quote from John D. Rockfeller, which was- ‘Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing”

5. Michael Port: “Never stop chasing your dreams.”

“I asked a friend, who made more than 30 million dollars by the time he was 30, why he thought he was successful. His response was: ‘there’s all this money our there, someone’s going to pick it up, it might as well be me.”

6. Nir Eyal: “Build a meaningful network.”

“The most insightful advice I can remember receiving came from Andy Rachleff, who at the time was teaching at Stanford. He helped me understand the tremendous power of the network effect.’”

7. Deepak Ravindran: “Take chances when you’re young, tell stories when you’re old.”

“My mentor Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder & Executive Co-Chairman, Infosys said – ‘Take chances when you’re young, tell stories when you’re old. Entrepreneurship cannot be taught. The best way is to experiment. No one stops you from doing it. The learning curve is worth more than anything. End of the day, it’s your dream – your biggest inspiration.”

8. Scott Adams: “Don’t give up.”

“The best advice I got was before I was a syndicated cartoonist,  I asked advice of a professional cartoonist, Jack Cassady, who had a TV show called ‘Funny Business’ years ago on PBS. I wrote to him, and he gave me this advice: ‘It’s a competitive business, but don’t give up.'”

9. Sara Rotman: “Being comfortable is the enemy”

“The best advice I ever received was from my first accountant when I was discussing the launch of my company. We were speaking about my business plan and how much money to borrow to launch. She wisely said, ‘Only have enough cash on hand to barely survive; never so much that you are comfortable. It’s important to stay scared in the beginning.'”

10. Sachin Bansal: “Think Long-Term, Act Short-Term.”

“I have received a lot of advice over the years. But the one that I have acted on and that has helped in these five years of being an entrepreneur is: ‘think long-term, act short-term’. This advice, from someone close to me, is in my opinion, a sound framework for decision-making.'”

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