As a busy entrepreneur, your time is limited and valuable, so you need to be selective in how you spend it. Podcasts are a great medium for learning about, well, almost anything—but they’re especially useful for learning about starting and leading a company.

Books take a lot of time, and you can’t multitask while reading. Videos are quick and easy, but also require a lot of focus to consume effectively. Enter podcasts.


Here are 10 best podcasts every entrepreneur must listen today,

1. Smart Passive Income

Hosted by Pat Flynn, these podcasts tackles how to increase profits using marketing scheme, blogging, and lifestyle changes. He understands businesses do not boom overnight. This is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet, and a must-listen if you are looking for a new approach. Listen Now

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Celebrities? Billionaires? World-renowned authors and influencers? Tim has had them all on the show, and he does an excellent job of interviewing them to distill their experiences, mental frameworks, and life hacks into practical, easy-to-digest chunks. Of all the podcasts on this list, this is the one I never fail to listen to. Listen Now

3. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas is probably the most prolific podcaster out there, with almost 1,200 episodes under his belt. He focuses on practical tips and processes for improving every facet of your life and business, and this podcast is definitely worth a listen. Listen Now

4. StartUp

StartUp is a new podcast and was started by Alex Blumberg (formerly produced This American Life, Planet Money). The podcasts detail his experience as an entrepreneur (he is now founder/CEO at Gimlet Media), and uses the documentary narrative you’ll be familiar with if you followed This American Life. He’s very open about his experiences, which provides for a learning experience, which is why I’d recommend this podcast. Listen Now

5. 1-Day Business Breakthrough

A new podcast from Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker, this is an offshoot of their 1-Day Business Breakthrough workshops. Every week, they put an entrepreneur in the hot seat, as they explain their business and put forward a question to the hosts. Chris and Pat then work out solutions for the entrepreneur. Since each podcast has a different entrepreneur, there are new issues and solutions being discussed all the time. Listen Now

6. From Scratch

Jessica Harris, in her weekly podcast, interviews entrepreneurs, going over how they conceived, launched and grew their business. Previous guests have included Sir Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, and Ina Garten. With guests like these, this podcast is a must-listen! Listen Now

7. Mixergy

Andrew Warner has interviewed an insane number of entrepreneurs, and you can find all that awesomeness in the Mixergy podcast. There’s a ton of material here, so you’ll probably need to pick and choose the ones you feel are most relevant to you. Listen Now

8. Foundation

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, features guests who have had found ample success in the business world. Along with their successes, they share their ideas, history, and what inspired them to get started in the world of business. Interested in getting deep insight into well-known entrepreneurs? This podcast is for you! Listen Now

9. The A16Z Podcast

Brought to you by the crew at Andreessen Horowitz, this podcast dives into every facet of entrepreneurship and technology imaginable. A16Zpulls together brilliant minds from many disciplines to help you quickly and deeply understand the various subjects they explore. Listen Now

10. This Is Your Life

Michael Hyatt is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor who focuses his podcast on the topic of leadership. He dives into many other areas, but leadership is the core theme (and a skill every well-rounded business person needs to have). Listen Now

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