Our daily routines can make a huge difference to how healthy, happy and productive we are. When used effectively, it ensures a balance between your work and personal lives. While you might think billionaires work around the clock, one of the reasons they are so wildly successful is that they make time for diverse activities and modes of relaxation.

People may be impressed by the concept of the early bird gets the worm, but night owls command just as much respect for what they accomplish after dark.


Here are the 10 evening routines of successful entrepreneurs,

1. Preparation for tomorrow

Since the minds of billionaires are always ticking away, they are thinking ahead to the next day and beyond, including what to wear tomorrow. Several billionaires mentioned that they even place their clothing out the night before, and plan the specific tasks and goals to accomplish the next day. Having this clear agenda already set up means being able to hit the ground running first thing in the morning.

2. Tedious tasks

Billionaires do not necessarily leave everyday tasks up to the staff they have hired. In fact, they often relish doing such things because it grounds them, provides a diversion from daily stress, and is even identified as enjoyable. In fact, Bill Gates will tell you he likes taking care of the nightly dishes.

3. Reading

Billionaires are avid readers and want to consume as much information and gain as much knowledge as possible, but they also enjoy reading as a pastime. Many have noted that it helps them see the perspective of people they admire in the business world. They also like reading for diversion, consuming every type of book, from mysteries or thrillers to science fiction novels or classics, as their bedside material.

4. Exercise

Much of a billionaire’s day is mentally focused, so the evening provides the opportunity to unwind and work on the physical aspect of health. While some billionaires prefer to do their exercise in the morning, others are more inclined to late boxing classes, swimming, or yoga.

5. Family time

Connections with family are regarded as one of the most important ways for billionaires to spend their time. For example, Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican billionaire, prefers to use his evenings as the perfect opportunity to enjoy his six children and numerous grandchildren. Many billionaires enjoy taking time at night to read their kids a story or put them to bed. This special time spent is a must, because family is the most important aspect of life and something that money just can’t buy.

6. Journaling

While some are thinkers, other billionaires like to write their thoughts down in journals. Whether taking a pen to paper or keeping a digital journal on a tablet, numerous billionaires realize that journaling provides a way to capture and remember ideas, evaluate material, and spend time gaining clarity on a concept.

7. More work

With business conducted in numerous time zones, there may be some emails or phone calls that need to be squeezed in to keep work moving. Billionaires like Larry Ellison use evening time to respond–once only–to voicemails or emails and then move on to keep work to a minimum and make it more efficient.

8. Social hour

After traveling, meetings, and high-pressure situations, the evening hours can go suddenly quiet, which leaves many billionaires anxious. Sean Parker, former Facebook executive, finds that evenings are best served in the company of friends in the form of an intimate dinner party or at a charity event. This provides time to unwind while still being stimulated by the conversations and ideas of others.

9. Pursuing hobby

Spending time on a hobby completely different from your career often helps billionaires–and the rest of us–to relax, refresh, and reassess. Bill Gates, for example, collects rare books. Frank Gruber, plays the Ukelele. They are an essential component of a working person’s downtime and an integral part of the daily building blocks of startup leader’s success strategy.

10. Gratitude

Before closing their eyes for the night, an astonishing number of billionaires focus on what they feel grateful for in their lives–no matter how small it might seem. Finding this sense of contentment helps them sleep well and adds a necessary dose of joy that keeps them grounded and focused on the important parts of life, not just grateful for how much wealth they accumulate.

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