Brendon Burchard is New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Millionaire Messenger’ and Founder of Experts Academy. Brendon’s story is a compelling one – of narrowly surviving a car accident at age 19 on a dark and steamy Caribbean night, and standing bleeding atop the crumpled hood of his wrecked car faced with the concept of mortality. In that one moment between life and death, he discovered that at the end of our lives we will all ask, “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

Since that night, Brendon has lived a fully charged life, and he’s dedicated to helping millions of people transform their lives and feel more alive, engaged, and fulfilled. He launched 12 online promotions in a row which all grossed over $1 million in sales in less than 7 days and has run campaigns for well-known names such as Tim Ferris and Paulo Coelho.


Here are the 10 success lessons from Brendon Burchard – “Millionaire Bestselling Author” for entrepreneurs,

1. Get intentional

“Figure out what questions you’d ask to see if you were happy with your life. Then wake up every day and live intentionally, so you’re happy with the answers at the end,”

At 19, Burchard was in a horrific car crash he started to get intentional in all areas of his life, focusing in on psychology, physiology, persuasion, productivity and purpose. Now he encourages and equips his online students to do the same.

2. Be humble

Brendon believes “sincere humility and deep respect for every single human you meet”. Those who reduce their success trajectory are those who dismiss others, believing that there is nothing they can learn from them.

3. Get consistent

This trait is a common one among the most successful people on the planet. Burchard often hears people in the high performance space say he “came out of nowhere” in recent years. But, he says, that it’s actually quite the opposite.

For over 10 years, he has been creating and digitally distributing one substantial piece of content once a week, each week. Don’t over-think consistency at first. Instead, Burchard says, just focus on creating and distributing value consistently once a week.

4. There are only two things that is going to change your life

  • Something new comes into your life, or
  • Something new comes from within you.

In order to create or achieve something new, one of these two things need to be true. It is about being consistent with your actions in order to experience the change you are looking for.

5. The new currency is content

As an expert or a person of authority, who wants to get paid for sharing what you know, you must add value in your marketplace. In order to get paid more, you must add more value. That means, you need to consistently create content that is of high value. Brendon is a master in helping experts monetize who they are and what they know.

6. Always have an up-sell

If you go through the process of ordering a free copy of The Charge, you find that once you have completed the order screen, you are taken to a page with an offer. In this case it was 90% discount off a coaching program which of course is another indication of value to the client and is a very enticing offer! Could you add an upsell offer to a giveaway or low-priced purchase?

There is a science behind this – those who have already just signed up or purchased from you are much more likely to buy that next level up. It’s a kind of “striking while the iron’s hot” technique and can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business.

7. Get focused

Burchard says productivity is less about managing time and more about taking charge of your own life. He encourages entrepreneurs to be extremely attentive throughout the day, constantly asking “Is this a distraction? Is this gonna pull me in a way that’s not going to add any value to the people who I want to serve?”

8. Be yourself

If you check out any of Brendon’s work, from his highly popular YouTube channel, to his websites, even to his autoresponder emails they are consistently injected with his own enthusiastic personality. He gives a key piece of advice on one of the bonus videos he offers with the free book where he goes through 6 key areas on which the most highly successful people focus.

9. Be patient but always persistent

Brendon says to go easy on yourself but hard each day toward your dreams. Each day, something can be done to advance your art and cause and mission. You will be delayed and ridiculed, and you will get tired and frustrated with yourself. Keep marching anyway.

10. Get committed

A master motivator, Burchard says that motivation is not actually the problem for most of us. Commitment is the real problem. Unsuccessful people look at what it will take to accomplish their goals and say, “I don’t know how to do that.” Burchard explains successful people, on the other hand, say “I don’t know, so it’s my job to figure it out.” Burchard had to learn along the way, studying online marketing, video production and even the html skills in order to fulfill his mission.

Want to start getting more results out of yourself and your work? Commit to something bigger than your personal desires.

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