You may feel there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have a lot more control than you might think. Stress management is all about taking charge: of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems. No matter how stressful your life seems, there are steps you can take to relieve the pressure and regain control.


Here are few steps which are followed by successful people to cope with stress.

1. Stay positive.

Easier said than done? Sometimes. But successful people tend to be those who see opportunities for growth masquerading as failure, and who look for the lessons learned when something goes awry, instead of wallowing in what could’ve/should’ve been. Maintaining a positive outlook. It’s a popular and proven stress management tool.

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Getting 30 minutes of rigorous exercise at least three times a week can help you reduce stress. Good eating habits such as including more fruits and vegetables in your diet can give you more energy and help you handle stress better.

3. Try to achieve work/life balance

Although today’s business environment can be demanding, it’s crucial to take time for other activities outside of the office such as family events, hobbies and sports. This is when you recharge your batteries.

4. Commit to vacation time

Give yourself time off to relax, particularly during challenging periods. For example, turn your phone off when you’re on a holiday. Postponing a vacation may have short-term benefits for your business but in the long run, your health could suffer and cause greater problems down the road.

5. Talk about it

Many entrepreneurs want to avoid talking about difficult experiences. Why relive your most painful moments of stress? However, one of the most positive methods for coping after a stressful event is to acknowledge and talk about the stress with trusted others in your support network. Developing friendships with co-workers and in appropriate peer network groups is actually therapeutic in helping to buffer you in a healthy way from the negative effects of stress.

6. Laugh

Humor helps us see our life from a new perspective and it also allows us to come up with creative solutions to our problems. It raises our consciousness and energy level and can serve to enhance our spiritual connection amid times of turmoil and life questions.

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