In India, every year 6,00,000 students appear in more than 10 entrance exams to make their way into 4,000+ B-Schools and pay around Rs 16 Bn as fees. The competition is sever and experts says students choose B-Schools in a very naïve way. They look one of the three things: average package, percentage of people placed and rankings. But if we dig deep, we will find it is just not the student’s fault, rather the impact of external environment that leads them to make non-informed choices. Excessive advertisements about package and rank from the colleges has amplified this effect.

This is eactly where Admito comes into picture.  Based out of Gurgaon and founded in 2015 by Mukesh Kumar, Manu Jain and Suprabhat Sen, Admito is a machine learning powered college selection tool. Admito takes profile, academics, preferences, ambitions of a student and suggest him the Dream, the Perfect and the Safest college option. On top of the list of colleges, Admito provides the student with all important articles, videos and discussions to help him remain updated on it. The process of identifying the suitable colleges and getting important information about them, helps an aspirant to select its college effortlessly. admito

Mukesh has a Computer Science degree from NIT Jaipur and Software Engineer experience at Ericsson India Global Pvt Limited. At Admito, he handles the front-end of the Technology section. A process oriented person, Suprabhat is an Information Technology Engineer from NIT Jaipur. PayU and Polaris helped Supra to learn the best practices to build a successful technology product. At Admito, Suprabhat handles the back end of the Technology section. Manu is a MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and B.Tech from NIT Jaipur, Manu has worked extensively with Mu Sigma- a market leader in Analytics. During weekends, Manu becomes the freelance analyst for a Bulls Eye-a Casino Consulting firm based out of Australia. At Admito, Manu handles the Business, Marketing and Operations.

Admito is the 2nd ventutre for these three. Prior to Admito, the trio had founded Pass Karado. It was an academic material sharing platform featured by both National and International media. It was the first of its kind in India and had 10,000 registered users, 6,000 question papers, academic material, etc.. The founding team gained the vast International Exposure through Student Exchange Programme to Europe and internship in Australia. The team has also given many entrepreneurship talks at MEC Cochin, NIT Jaipur, VIT Jaipur, MIMT Kota, Pro Cell Event.

Mukesh talks to Knowstartup about the USP of their venture and says:

“In-house expertise, deep exploration and direction of the business specialists, makes Admito’s algorithm the most advance and precise in Indian Market. Admito shall keep improvising the algorithm and uphold the position.”

Manu adds:

“Our long term goals is to capture the graduate/post graduate programmes where the selection process is complex and involves lots of qualitative and quantitative parameters. GMAT, MBA in Europe and Medical from North Asia and Philippines are few of the lucrative prospects.”

Till date more than 6000+ users and 600 colleges have already signed up. The company claims that they get over 20,000 page views on a monthly basis. Admito aims to reach 20,000 registered users by the end this admission session. With all the processes are in place they aim to incorporate 4000 MBA colleges by the end of 2017.

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