One of the most innovative ways of propagating business in today’s day and time is getting chatbots do the needful for you. But the name Chatbot sounds like rocket science to the common businessman. One startup that has understood this pain point and is working towards creating a great platform for such businesses is ChatterOn.


ChatterOn is a chatbot development platform on which anyone with/without coding experience can create AI based chatbots within 10 minutesAll the bots on their platform are powered by their proprietary self-learning contextual AI which is far superior because of the LSTM models they implement for context.They provide a proprietary flow-builder – every interaction with a business has a flow – you book an Uber only after entering your location, destination & type of Uber & not the other way round. This allows any business to translate its everyday business logic into a conversational flow with great conversion ratios on messaging platforms – where everybody is present.
ChatterOn is the brainchild of Adit Jain, Anand Prajapati, Mayank Goyal and Narendra Kumar.


Founders – ChatterOn

The founders are alumni from IIT Delhi and all of them are techies. They together started to work on a project on automatic content summarisation. They created an algorithm using deep reinforcement learning and the results were simply outstanding and beat other solutions by a huge margin. They signed up 8 international publishers as their clients but as the engagement numbers came in, they realized that in the short term, the time spent on mobile website and the length of scroll decreased due to summarisation. This made earning money very tough and a pivot was imminent. During this journey they had started playing with ideas on engagement and chatbots – AI based conversational agents were definitely a winner. They were easily able to get most of their past clients and many others interested in their chatbot product specially with most of the messaging platforms opening their gates to third party developers. Their AI had a direct application here and they were looking to disrupt customer service and distribution (sales, lead generation) through automated chat. The next step was clear – Democratization of chatbots – The best way to empower 10 million businesses to increase sales and decrease costs was to launch a DIY platform on which anyone can develop chat bots without any prior coding experience.

ChatterOn recently raised funding from Hindustan Times and  North Base Media.Funds will be utilized for hiring, adding support for other messaging platforms, global developer evangelism, Ramping up sales of customized solutions.
Adit Jain who is the Co-Founder & CEO of ChatterOn while speaking about ChatterOn mentioned,
 “We are excited on getting Hindustan Times and North Base Media onboard. Both these organizations bring a lot of value in terms of international exposure and extensive knowledge about the end consumer which we hope to leverage while scaling up.”
Marcus Brauchli (Managing Partner, North Base Media) on what made them invest in ChatterOn mentioned,
 “ChatterOn’s single point focus on developing an easy to use platform, powered by their advanced AI technology with a vision to democratize chatbots across geographies.”
ChatterOn is helping businesses save money by automating customer service, FAQs & increase revenue by helping businesses disseminate their products/services on messaging platforms in the most scalable way.

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