India is at the forefront of the cloud revolution and it is a great opportunity for job seekers since there are a lot of jobs available in the market due to this revolution. The only thing that is not available in abundance in this scenario are firms that have expertise in this domain. This is where CloudiRec comes into picture.


CloudiRec is the first (and only) job platform dedicated specifically to the cloud computing industry in India. They want to help job seekers find great jobs with organizations developing, selling, deploying, adopting or using cloud based solutions. Their approach to recruitment is simple as they want to focus on the skills that are needed to do a job. They have created a unique system where companies can highlight the skills and certifications needed in candidates and candidates on the other hand give assessments (for tech skills) while building their profile on their platform. This helps companies reduce their cost and time of hiring, as they get to source candidates who meet the tech skill criterion for the job.


Team CloudiRec

Based out of Jaipur, CoudiRec was founded in 2016 by Shashaank Bawari,Rohit Sharma and Gaurav Joshi. Currently the three co-founders taking care of Sales, Marketing and Product development. We have a developer taking care of our platform development. We have all known each other for 5 years, as we were all part of AIESEC Jaipur at different points of time. Shashank is an MBA from HULT, Ex-Microsoft, AIESEC Alumni, Rohit is an Engineer and this is his 2nd startup and an AIESEC Alumni. Gaurav, who is an engineer and also an AIESEC alumni.

CloudiRec is the the only cloud computing recruitment platform. All recruitment platforms – allow recruiters to source CV’s and then take them through a screening and assessment process. However, after spending weeks (and in some cases months) it is realized that the candidates don’t have the basic tech skill needed for the job. With their platform, they have tried to flip this system. CloudiRec does assessment first – thereby guaranteeing that the candidates have the basic skills for the job.

They plan to build an aggregator which shows cloud training institutes by city and courses offered. They also look forward to launch ‘Gigs’ which will help us test job seekers problem solving skills. And their long term goal includes getting  IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning related jobs.

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