We all love gifts and more so when they are the among the things that we have been longing to get. One startup that has realized this concern and has worked towards this direction is Wishtry.


Wishtry is India’s first gifting registry platform. The registry platform where members can create a list of gifts that they want and is then shared with their friends and family. This does away with wastage or returning of unwanted gifts.


Shailie Parekh – Founder Wishtry

Founded by Shailie Parekh in the year 2016, Wishtry is based out of Mumbai. Shailie Parekh is heading the Marketing Dept at Wishtry, she hopes to provide the users a platform where every wish comes true & is constantly ideating to make sure Wishtry is the first thing anyone thinks of in India when it comes to creating any registry. Aditi Mehta takes care of the marketing of the brand. With so much happening everyday in the e-commerce and gifting space, she exactly knows the pulse of the market. They constantly undergo changes to be in line with the changing trends in social marketing. There are a lot of on ground and one to one promotions to increase the user base of their website. They believe their concept is one of a kind with a lot of scope in today generation and are constantly striving to attain more innovative ways to market their brand. Yogita Mehta handles the Business developer department at a Wishtry. With a comprehensive view of the gifting market, she constantly looks of new ways to get more users on board. The team doesn’t keep any stone unturned  to ensure the appeal to the end user remains intact.

Wishtry is one of the pioneers in the gifting industry and is reinventing the way gifts are being purchased. The company does not need to store any inventory and that makes Wishtry highly cost-effective. Hence, Wishtry’s focus is solely on customer experience and value-addition. It also helps by suggesting products that are trending as gifts. All in all, Wishtry is uniquely placed in a fresh market with efficient costing and strong customer satisfaction.

Their future plans include becoming every Indian’s premier gifting registry website. Wishtry intends to ensure that acceptance of gifts purchased increases over time. It also aims to solve the issue of unwanted gifts. Wishtry happily takes upon the responsibility of fetching a tectonic shift in the gifting culture of India.

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