How many times have you come across situations where you or one of your friends might have moved to a new city and might  have found it difficult to pursue a hobby or a skill due to lack of like minded people with whom one can connect to pursue them. Well, we are sure it will be many a times. It is this concern that Skillmate has decided to resolve  for its customers.


Skillmate is a location based mobile application that connects people over skills and hobbies. It let’s you learn something new, teach your talents, and partner for fun things with people near you. Simply put: Teach Music, Learn Photography, and Partner for Cycling or badminton with someone near you. Share skills and connect with talented people in the neighborhood.


Team Skillmate

Skillmate founding team comprises of Arjun Khera, Anil Khera and Gitanshu Soni. Arjun, Founder & CEO, is an alumnus of LBSIM (Delhi) and has a streak of winning ideation contests like LG Smartphone Idea Camp. Mr Anil Khera (alumnus of YMCA) is the Tech Advisor and has close to 30 years of experience with big banners like Wipro, ATOS and NIIT. Gitanshu, Marketing Strategist is an Ex-KPMG and an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management and a Delhi University alumnus. Skillmate was founded in the year 2016 and is based out of Gurgaon. Besides the founders the team has strong in house design and product development team lead by DCE Engineers. Saurabh Singh is the Tech Lead at Skillmate and is an Engineering Graduate from DCE, Delhi.

The market of recreational skills is condensed to channels like Facebook groups, hobby-class listing websites and apps aimed at providing professional services. There are several issues that crop up while using these. Firstly, teachers are not given the option to find students. It is always prospective students that approach a teacher. Secondly, the distinction between professionals and hobbyists further divides the market. Not every good cook has to be a chef to teach their signature dish to someone. This opens doors to talented students, freelancers, homemakers to teach their skills to others nearby. Thirdly, endless forms both for teachers and students, followed by a cluttered system of connecting the two. And, last but not the least, academy listings do not allow the user to know who or how talented their teacher is before enrolling for a class. There is a lack of one to one connect here.

Skillmate addresses these issues through its nuanced design and a Tinder-styled UI that makes it possible to find and connect with teachers, learners, or partners in under thirty seconds. All information is provided on the profile card of the user – Name, Age, Availability, Fees, Ratings, Reviews, Images of their work, Portfolio link. Once a skillmate is found, a user can chat-in-app to connect directly. The flow requires no detailed form filling and no sharing of phone number or email id. The app gives talent a platform to showcase skills to the world, gain popularity and socialize with people over skills. The ability to partner with others – for activities like running or baking – is a niche segment in the app market. Currently, few applications allow users to find and socialize with people who share interests and to carry over this connection seamlessly to the real world. With Skillmate, users can find a partner for any activity quickly and spontaneously.

Going ahead, they will come up with the IOS version of their app by January next year. They are also planning to expand user base in other major cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai in the next 12 months. They expect a user base of over 3 Lakhs by that time. Simultaneously, their revenue models ‘affiliate marketing’, ‘Teacher Subscription’ and premium version are also in the pipeline, are to be introduced later next year. Given all of this, they would have dedicated teams for Product, Technology, Design and Marketing with a total organizational size of 20 members.

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