In today’s fast paced life one hardly finds time to dedicate to all the routine and mundane activities and one such activity is home services. What everyon desires is personalised home services at one’s doorstep. This is where Bro4u comes into picture.


Bro4u Home Services is an e-commerce marketplace for Home and Professional Services. It is an initiative to simplify customer’s lives by providing an array of personalised home services at their their doorstep. Bro4u’s vision is to eliminate the endless hassle of finding a relevant Service provider for a service.


Team Bro4u is an initiative to simplify people’s lives by providing an array of personalised services at their fingertips and then at their doorstep. With a vision to eliminate the endless hassle of finding a relevant vendor for a service, Bro4u is the first ever one-stop e-commerce marketplace for services. Currently operating in Bengaluru, Bro4u will soon extend service to other cities across India.

Bro4u has 50+ home and professional services from plumber, carpenter to laundry, house cleaning, pest control to car wash, bike service to fitness and yoga trainers. We provide doorstep convenience of services at just the tap of a button. It is an initiative by Pramod Hegde and Rajath Gowda.  The founded Bro4u in the year 2015. They are currently a young team of 45 start-up enthusiasts having an expertise in varied backgrounds from management, finance, technology, operations and creative arena.

Bro4u believes in transparency and our USP is to connect the nearest trusted service providers in one’s locality with an upfront price and an option to compare different service providers based on their ratings and reviews. We have a proficient team to efficiently handle every service requests from its booking to completion. They currently have 1.5 lakh signups with 500 orders/day.

They are currently operational in Bangalore and Hyderabad and have plans to expand the operations to Mumbai and Chennai in less than an year to be a companion, friend and a Bro in providing hassle free services.

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