In today’s busy life, people hardly care for their health. This has given way to numerous lifestyle problems. We all are so busy with our mundane routines that we at times put our health and wellness in the back seat. Well! not any more, there is one startup that has geared up to resolve this problem for us and the name is NATURE’S 5.


NATURE’S 5 is your personal Health & Lifestyle Coach. They have developed a mobile healthcare platform which will guide you to a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to bring Health on top of priority list even in your busy life. They will guide you, motivate you, help you track your progress and make the most informed decision for your health. Their healthcare plans and top notch guidance from their panel of Nutrition and Fitness Experts will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Their subscription plans are easy to follow and make gradual changes in your lifestyle. It’s like developing a healthy habit with each passing day.

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Founder’s – NATURE’S 5

NATURE’S 5 is based out of Bangalore and was founded in the year 2016 by Shourya Vikram Shah and Saurabh Misal. Shourya is the co-founder and  CEO of Nature’s 5 . He is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. He worked as a financial analyst at PwC for sometime and thereafter went to do his masters in fashion merchandising. This was the base of his earlier startup called Ant Theory. It was a fashion startup much in line with Post that he worked as a Business Development manager at and moved to Banaglore which also turned into a birthplace for NATURE’S 5. Shourya looks after the B2B sales, marketing and content at NATURE’S 5. Saurabh Misal who is the co-founder and CTO has studied Computer Engineering from Nagpur University. He has worked on various project as an architect and is aware of various technologies in mobile and web development. He has developed a mobile application ‘Kheta’ which is a one stop solution for all the farming needs. Saurabh leads the Tech team and also looks after B2C and digital marketing at NATURE’S 5. In addition to the two founders they also have 6 techies who form the team of this innovative startup.

NATURE’S 5 thrive on the back of its highly talented and motivated team. Today their tech Infrastructure can match the best in competition and they have no one but their team to thank. It’s nothing less than an achievement to pull off something so remarkable with such limited resources and in record time. As of today NATURE’S 5 app can easily compete with any other highly funded competition in the market. Uncomplicated, Economical and Personalized Healthcare is their USP. They have a strong team of Nutrition and Fitness Experts who provide the best in class preventive healthcare and lifestyle coaching to their users. Their technology infrastructure helps them provide the services at a very low cost and this benefit is passed down to the end users resulting in low cost.

Their future plans include creating SALK(NATURE’S 5 ML & AI), They are looking forward to creating a ML engine using open source technologies which will be able to predict the future recommendations which are given by the experts to the users thereby saving a lot of expert’s time. SALK will be able to predict factors like various deficiencies, prediction of any disease or point out any lifestyle related problems that may arise after observing the user for a certain period of time and collection of sufficient data for training.The generated data can also be used to study various things like lifestyle related issues that are prevailing in different age groups and and also the problems that may arise in near future.

They are also planning to launch NATURE’S 5 ERP which will cater to the B2B segment which will cater to businesses like gym/fitness centres, yoga centres etc on a subscription basis. This will include offering a connected healthcare solution to the physical businesses in healthcare, linking the user’s accounts to their gym/fitness centres by which real time tracking of physical activity done can be found out, offering a custom diet solution to their users and mailers and notifications in order to have constant connection with the users.

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