James Herroit once said,

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans”

Well we all love our four legged companions. They are always there by our side through our thick and thin. As pet parents we all love our pets and want the best of services for them. While in today’s hectic schedule it is not easy to take care of every requirement of your pet on your own, the good news is that there is a startup by the name Woofbnb that helps resolve all our pet parenting concerns.

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Woofbnb.com is a one stop solution for all pet parents, who find it difficult to manage and maintain their pets at home. It offers convenience to pet owners through range of services, delivered at the comfort of their home. Their services include pet grooming services, facilitating veterinary care for the pets, walking services, pet sitting services and they even have a woof shop which is an online store having a huge range of pet products which are delivered within 24 hrs to your home.


Team Woofbnb

Based out of Pune and founded in 2015, Woofbnb is the initiative of Anshul Goenka. Love for Pets encouraged Anshul to become the proud founder of Woofbnb, a platform to connect PET lovers and PET owners. With years of voluntary service experience for causes related to pets and animals and his observations and comparisons of international market vs the Indian market while studying his PG degrees motivated him to start Woofbnb. Based in Pune, Anshul is a MBA from Symbiosis institute of Management Studies, India and also holds a consultant degree from Leeds Beckett University, UK. Entrepreneurship is what comes naturally to Anshul, a trait inherited from his family and hence what drives him is ideas, creativity, passion, people and great products. Linking his passion for welfare of animals and his marketing lessons from his MBA days Anshul has made his hobby his profession.

Their core team comprises of Anshul who is the founder and CEO of this venture, Prodipto Roy who is the Adviser to the startup and Supratik Ghatak who is the tech Adviser. Prodipto is an M. Tech from IIT (Delhi), Prodipto has 25 years of Work-experience in the area of Business Start-up, Supply Chain Operations and Retail. Supratik is a techno-commercial professional with a passion towards leveraging new-age technologies and methods.

Woofbnb is currently growing at 20% month on month and with recently launched verticals their projections in terms of acquiring more customers looks real good. They aim to promote woofbnb as a trusted brand, because quality plays an essential role in this domain. They also plan to scale up their operations in other cities (Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore) which are much bigger markets. With use of technology they aim to add value to their delivery and the end user as well.

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