Well, we all go for those amazing trips, night outs, vacations, celebrations, so on and so forth. One thing that is common at all these occasions is that we click lots of pictures, but the problem that arises is these pictures are scattered among the entire group. It becomes really difficult to coordinate with everyone to get these pics. It is precisely this problem, that Vebbler has turned into the core of their business.


Vebbler is a photo-sharing app for groups designed to make sharing of photos easy between groups at night outs, vacations, and celebrations. While people frequently take photos together using different phones and cameras, the process of bringing together those photos is extremely cumbersome, and Vebbler promises to make that happen in one single-tap.


Team Vebbler

Based out of Bangalore, Vebbler is the brainchild of Sahil Bhagat and Puneet Kumar. Sahil is the founder and CEO while Puneet is the CTO and founding member. Sahil overlooks product design, marketing and overall strategy of the product and company. Academically, he graduated in Mass Media (Advertising) from Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai. Vebbler is Sahil’s second entrepreneurial venture. At the age of 19, he launched his first venture, Frogster.in, which was a crowd-funding platform for causes. Frogster also won the accelerator program called the Brightest Young Leader Summit organized by the British Council and Hindustan Times. When Sahil is not trying to build a global consumer Internet Company from India, he’s busy experimenting with cooking new dishes or drawing. Puneet Kumar is a seasoned software developer, architect and manager with over 18 years of industry experience. Puneet overlooks technology at Vebbler, encompassing Web, API, Android, iOS & Infrastructure. Puneet is a MBA from SMU with focus on technology management. Puneet has worked with Yahoo, New York Times among other web properties, handling millions of page view and server requests. Vebbler is Puneet’s 5th startups. Puneet has headed technology in 2 of them in the past.

By design, Vebbler is private, which means that photos are shared into groups called clubs, and can only be seen by their respective club members. Unlike other social media platforms that broadcast your content, on Vebbler you can contextually share with relevant groups of people.

With Vebbler, you no longer have to worry about:

1. The need to take the same photo using different people’s cameras.
2. Limited storage of photos, including the SD storage and 5GB iCloud storage.
3. Manually sending images via instant messaging apps like Whatsapp.
4. Auto-disappearing photos where you have to manage to take screenshots within time.
5. Copying or transferring photos via pen drives, memory cards, hard drives and even Dropbox or Google Drive.
6. Manually backing up photos.

The main features of Vebbler are as follows:

Clubs: Clubs are spontaneous groups created to share any moment, be it your friends, family or co-workers, and for any occasion like wedding, night out, road trip.

Moments: Moments are photos. You can easily filter it, add a caption, tag the relevant people and share it.

Reactions: Reactions are expressive comments. You can make any quirky expression and tell how you actually feel. It’s better than emoticons, and since it’s private it could actually be fun.


Vebbler is the first and only camera app thats social by design. It offers a more personal experience to photo-sharing as compared to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, Vebbler also addresses many other use cases, like the need to take the same photo with different phones and cameras every time, worrying about limited phone storage, including the SD storage and 5GB iCloud storage, compromising on the quality of your images due to compression by instant messaging apps,taking quick screenshots of your favorite photos before they disappear through apps like Snapchat, so on and so forth.

Vebbler has already received 100000+ sign-ups and downloads. Vebbler’s ultimate goal is to become the default camera app on smartphones.

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