Distractions are a common phenomenon for any human being and entrepreneurs are no exception to that rule. So if at any point as an entrepreneur you feel that you are distracted, you’re not alone when it comes to distractions. It’s not easy staying on task when you need to work for hours at a time, but some people are able to do it. There’s no time to fully clock out, founders work endlessly and having to be a Jack-of-all-trades means maintaining focus can be difficult.


To help entrepreneurs get out of this situation and help them focus more we have compiled a list of  top 10 tips for refusing to succumb to distractions in order to get as much done as possible.

1. Maintain a healthy work routine

This one might sound a no-brainer, but it is much easier said then done. While we are busy making things happen on the work front, what we end up ignoring the most is our physical and mental health. A lot of mental distraction happens when we are physically and mentally tired. This fatigue can only be put to rest by developing a daily routine that involves good sleep, exercise, plenty of water, and healthy food all of which feed your brain and help keep it working at optimum levels. Hence, like your business, your life also starts with planning, so, plan out your day and evening to ensure that all of these aspects of a healthy routine are included.

2. Take power naps occasionally

Well, now that you decide to be the entrepreneur, one of the biggest perks is that you don’t have a boss sitting on your head all the time. So, it is advisable to take power naps in between your work schedule. The name power naps is for a reason and the reason is that this allows your body and mind to destress and thereby increases your productivity and cuts down distractions which you might encounter otherwise due to fatigue. Because at the end your actions are responsible for the success or failure of your company — not when you show up or leave work or how long your lunch break is.

3. Stay away from negativity

Negativity around you not only hampers your work, but also your relations. Hence, to stay focused it is very important to keep your mental energy away from negativity. Many distractions come in the form of worry or emotional imbalance created from negative people, experiences, or environments. Your mental energy will be wasted on these but it’s natural to be drawn to them mentally as you try and understand why they are happening. In the meantime, you’ve been pulled away from what you need to be doing with that mental energy. Hence, ensure you keep such negative energies out of your work and work environment. It is also advisable to practice Yoga or meditation to help you stay away from negativity.

4. Music sometimes is the mantra

Music has great healing powers and one of the biggest advantages of surrounding yourself with music is that it cuts down the other unnecessary noises and helps us get rid of distractions. You can also try out some playlists that have been specifically designed to help you focus better by cutting down distractions, one such playlist is the “Deep Focus” playlist on Spotify.

5. De-clutter your physical and digital workspaces

It’s a well established fact that clutter around you does a number on your brain and causes it to become just as cluttered mentally. However, a clean desk, computer screen, and surroundings won’t distract you. Instead, you will have a blank canvas that will help you focus on your work.  So to keep your focus on the work in hand just de-clutter your physical and Digital workspace.

6. Prioritizing your tasks

It is a good habit to prioritize your tasks both as an entrepreneur and otherwise. This gives you clarity on what needs to be kept first in your to do list. Powering through a bunch of little things before diving into something big, makes the big task go much smoother. And keyboard shortcuts – keyboard shortcuts are game changing.

7. Keep a notebook

In order to stay focussed, it is a good idea to keep a note of the tasks at hand so that you won’t miss out on anything. Keeping a note of things to do can help organise tasks and in addition to this, keeping a note of distracting thought that pops into your head helps you focus better. So, keep a notebook with you while working on the day’s projects. You can reflect on these other ideas and give them your full attention. Some of these ideas are worthwhile, maybe even brilliant while others have merit but not quite enough to engage your time and energy.

8.  Scheduling device use

The reason why our brains have become more scattered is the constant bombardment of information that we hit it with thanks to our smartphones, messaging channels, and social media platforms. When you want to focus on your work, the best thing you can do is turn that smartphone off or put on mute and tuck it away from your line of vision so you won’t wander.

9. Blocking Time

It is a great  idea to put everything on calendar, everything including meals, email, sleep. You might miss out on these on busy days, hence blocking time ensures that you don’t miss out on any of these. For bonus points, block out an hour each day for exercise.

10. Keeping time bound goals

Each week set goals for what you want to accomplish that week, so you can use it as a productivity checklist. At the end of each week, go through each bullet point, introspect about if you accomplished it and if not, why not, and based on this set the goals for the following week. It helps keep you in check and move forward.

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