For being able to close sales effectively it is very important for entrepreneurs to understand the customers frame of mind. And what better way to do that, than apply certain concepts of psychology here and master the art of selling!

sales tips for entrepreneurs

1. Focus On Emotions

Human brain as we know is very complex, and strangely enough it is built in a way that we humans tend to focus on emotions before logic. So to mark that first impressions on your clients, who ultimately get to decide on the service or product you offer, it is important to connect at an emotional level. You obviously can follow it up with facts but always build up on emotions!

2. Use Cognitive dissonance to your favour

Cognitive dissonance is a concept which means that people are committed to a certain perception of themselves, and that they will tend to avoid putting themselves in situations that negate this perception. Get some early on clients, which will make them agree that a particular feature is useful, or that a service could save them time, makes them less likely to disagree later on.

3. Tell them what others think about your product

Humans are social beings, and everyone likes to know what others think about your services and products. And that really is the whole idea about feedback from customers that is really emphasized on these days. When you  share positive feedback from prior clients, or simply start a sentence with the phrase, “Here’s what our other clients have done…” it will go a long way toward reassuring clients.

4. Stories over Statistics

Just as emotions impact better than logic, stories work better than statistics where human brain is concerned. In other words, telling the story of a single satisfied client can have more influence than citing statistics from hundreds of clients.

5. Create demand, by creating initial scarcity

Scarcity makes people eager to buy. There are a few ways to establish scarcity in what you’re selling. You can offer an exclusive number of spots for a service, sell a limited number of items, or set a timeframe for your sale.

6. Don’t build pressure on your client

When you pressurize your client, you make them uncomfortable. And when they are uncomfortable they are less likely to close a deal. Give them wings and they shall stick to you !

7. What’s In It For Them: Make Benefits Stand Out

Humans love benefits, and they will never turn down something that looks beneficial to them. When you approach your clients, present everything to them in a manner that sounds like a benefit, even a product that is a little costly compared to the competitor can be presented as “beneficial in the long run”

But more important than anything for entrepreneurs is that they be genuine in their sales interactions and close that deal!

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