Personal Assistant apps have been around for a while. However, it wasn’t until Siri that they became a really big deal. We now have tons of options in the space, including offerings from Google, Microsoft, and SoundHound, among others. It’s an interesting space to be in right now. You can take advantage as well with the best personal assistant apps.


Here are the 10 must-have AI personal assistant apps you shouldn’t live without,

1. Ozlo

If you’re familiar with Siri or have ever used a chat bot to perform a task, you’ll have a good idea of how Ozlo and most of the apps below work. With Ozlo, you can ask questions and, depending on the question, view results directly on your phone, where they can then be further refined to include specific things. The assistant always suggests a couple dozen things from which you can choose, such as figuring out where to eat for dinner.

2. Cortana

You’re likely familiar with Cortana by now, particularly if you’re running Windows 10. The app that was once reserved for Windows Phone is now available to download onto Android devices, bringing the same assistance found on desktop to your phone or tablet. Cortana has more abilities than Ozlo, and indeed ranks up near the top of the AI-powered assistants list. Cortana doesn’t just provide you with information, but can also help manage your days and help perform actions you’d otherwise need a couple hands to do.

3. Hound

If you’re not a fan of Microsoft and you find Ozlo too limited, you may enjoy SoundHound’s Hound personal assistant app instead. Hound can be used hands-free by saying “OK Hound,” followed by your question. The company says you can speak naturally with its app, and that includes using natural phrases rather than clunky collections of keywords.

4. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Nuance’s Dragon software is perhaps most popular for its voice to text abilities, and few know about the company’s foray into the world of mobile personal assistants. Dragon Mobile Assistant is, relative to its competition, a fairly sophisticated app. You can perform many of the things listed for Hound and Cortana, as well as submit posts to Facebook and send tweets using the app.

5. Jarvis

The personal assistant app Jarvis has proven popular, and that popularity is likely due in part to the household name associated with it. Who doesn’t like asking Jarvis to do something for them? Plus the app uses the kind of voice you’d expect to be associated with a virtual assistant named Jarvis, adding to the fun. As far as practical usage goes, Jarvis can hold its own amongst the best of the AI-powered personal assistant apps.

6. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC (Alice) is a pretty standard virtual assistant with an above average track record. It includes the ability to ask for simple things such as starting various apps, the weather, time, calendar, reminders, and even simple math problems. You can also ask it about fun facts about stats, stocks, and more. Of course, it also includes the basics like calling, sending SMS, navigation, alarms, and translation. It’s not as complex or smooth as something like Google Now but it’s not a bad option if you just need something simple.

7. Cyman Mark 2

Cyman Mark 2 is one of the lesser known personal assistant apps. It does the basic stuff, such as automating tasks, sending messages, finding information, and more. The developers also boast future IoT support when that proliferates a little more. Some additional features include language translation, task list management, alarm setting, unit conversion, and scheduled commands.

8. Google Allo

Google Allo is kind of a wild card in the personal assistant apps space. It’s a messenger application that is still fairly new. However, it also houses Google Assistant. Google Assistant can do a variety of things like deliver information at requested times, tell jokes, answer questions, search for things, add stuff to a calendar, and a lot more. It can be invoked during any non-incognito chat and be used by everyone in the chat.

9. Google Now

Google Now is pretty much the undisputed champion of personal assistant apps on Android. It comes with a metric ton of features which includes the basics, more advanced stuff like anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere, Google Now on Tap, and a lot more. It’s not enough that this app is solid as a brick wall but it’s also updated on an almost constant basis by Google which seems to only add to its stability and range of features. If your device has Google Play Services, you probably already have this installed which means you just have to turn it on.

10. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant app that tries to focus a little more on personality and the developers encourage you to talk to it like you would a normal person. You can do the basics including sending SMS and emails, phone calls, navigation, and the usual stuff. You can also save favorites so you can repeat them later, translate stuff very quickly and for various things, and a lot more The Indigo developers admit that their speech recognition is a beta and, thus, errors may occur but otherwise it feels like an enjoyable experience that works rather well.

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