Even if you love your job, working 24/7 simply isn’t an option. Strike that. It is an option, but only for a limited period of time. Because eventually you will burn out. And that’ll stink because all that passion you once had for your work will disappear.

So, needless to say, you have to strike a balance between time at your desk and time away if you want to stay happy, healthy, productive, and sane. Luckily, we have technology to help us cope.


Here are the 10 must-have apps that’ll improve your work-life balance,

1. Big Days

Big Days allows you to remember and track your past and future events. It comes with an in-built countdown to give you a daily reminder, so you can plan things well in advance.

For instance, it will tell you there are X days to your business trip to London, so you can get on with your preparations. It will tell you haven’t had a relaxing weekend with friends / family since X days, so you are reminded to take a break from your hectic schedule.

2. Quixey

If you are like 55 percent of cell phone owners who use their phones to browse the internet, exchange emails or download apps, Launch by Quixey might be a good aid to use your time more productively. It is an Android launcher that uses Deep View Cards technology to enable you to search for information and messages that reside inside your apps and access them faster.

It helps you stay on top of literally everything in your phone, using intuitive gestures, customized folders, smart contact suggestions and app recommendations, so you’re freeing up time spent in navigation.

3. Schemes

Sometimes, all you need is a simple “thank you” or another sort of heartfelt message to keep everyone happy. For example, did you forget to send a congratulatory note to your team after each project is over? Do you always forget a friend’s birthday?

Schemes not only reminds you of these events but sends scheduled messages to concerned people on set time and date. You can send an email, text, Facebook message or tweet, giving you the flexibility to keep it as short or as long as you want.

4. Way of Life

One of the reasons why you are struggling to achieve proper life balance, might be your habits – e.g. lack of proper sleep, pour diet etc. Way of life helps you get rid of the bad ones and develop good ones instead. You can plot daily/weekly goals and track whether or not you are meeting them. Your progress is visually displayed in form of bar charts with trend lines, scoreboards for instant feedback and multiple daily reminders.

5. Cozi Family Organizer

Make sure you always have time for the family with the help of Cozi Family Organizer. The app allows you to manage family members’ schedules, appointments and activities, so you never miss your kid’s football match once again. Sync it with Google calendar, share to-do/shopping lists and keep a family collection of recipes to shop by dish. The app is essential to organize your family life efficiently and always make sure you have time for everyone!


IFTTT stands for If This Then That and allows you to easily program repetitive actions and avoid spending time on them in the first place! For example, if the weather changes to rain, the app will send a text to warn me; if I post photo on Instagram it’s adapted and auto-shared on Twitter. This app saves you some valuable minutes each day that turn into hours by the end of the week.

7. TimeTune

TimeTune follow your routines and give you data on them so that you can analyze how you actually spend your days. Then you’ll be ready to work out how you can shift toward a more realistic ratio of working to relaxing. Because odds are high that you’re doing way more than you even realize.

8. BreakFree

BreakFree gives you the tools to control your digital life by understanding how tied you are to your phone. It monitors which apps you use and for how long, then it pings you if you spend too much time with any of them. So, if you’ve promised your family not to read work emails during the weekend, you can look at your BreakFree history to see if you’ve kept your word. Or you can even set a schedule so that it blocks your access to incoming messages (or any other app) at certain times to keep you reined in.

9. Pacifica

Pacifica aims to ease your mind so you can be your best on the job or at home. The app offers easy-to-use mood monitoring, meditation and relaxation, journaling, and wellness tracking. With these tools, you learn to both manage your stress and handle hectic situations so that you move back and forth from the office to home, without always feeling like you should be doing something else.

10. Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner pushes you to plan out your week so that you make sure you have time for what matters. Both apps are simple but effective for scheduling important routine tasks like household chores, exercise, or self-improvement—and they, of course, remind you to keep those promises to yourself.

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