No one does business with an untrustworthy person. Without trust, you can’t broker deals, close deals, sell stuff, or come out on top. Trust is the one thing you can’t live without.

Trust is hard to gain, though. Many people, especially successful businesspeople are inherently distrustful of others. If you are an entrepreneur or business person involved in making and closing deals, one of the best things you can do is to build trust.


Here are the 10 personality traits that can make you a more trusted entrepreneur,

1. Humility

When someone voices his or her viewpoint on an issue, the person is creating buy-in. The individual feels as if he or she is having a part in the project, thus voluntarily becoming invested in it. As long as someone feels like he or she is a valued part of the project, the person will trust your leadership of that project.

In order for this approach to be successful, you have to really listen and respond. People can tell if you’re merely getting token acceptance, and whether they are being valued and appreciated.

2. Calmness

As long as you have a sense of calm resoluteness, people will trust you.

Stressful situations are some of the greatest opportunities to create trustworthiness. While everyone else is running around in a panic, you remain confident and unflustered. People gravitate to that kind of approach. They trust you.

3. Transparent

Open communication is woven into the fabric of your authenticity. You are secure in who you are and combine honesty with empathy, which more often than not brings you success. You never leave anyone guessing or hurting because you’re transparent.

You are able to appreciate yourself, flaws and all; making you self-confident and secure; not cocky and conceited. Followers are always defensive. They are sensitive to criticism, easily threatened and offended, and determined to win others over to their point of view.

4. Team oriented

Being team oriented sets you apart from others. You build successful teams and give credit where it is due, sharing your success and achievements with your entire team. You possess a healthy flexibility; the kind that is free from resentment and abuse, making you unselfish.

You love your team because you are inwardly secure, and so sure of who you are that any change you need to make for the benefit of the team is a no brainer.

5. Open and consistent

When you know who you are you do not hold judgmental attitudes towards others. As you evaluate the thoughts and opinions others hold, even those you do not agree with, you still place them under an umbrella of respect.

You do not live striving to push others below you. You are consistent in who you are, and have no need to satisfy someone else’s criteria to feel good about yourself.

6. Good character

You cannot be authentic without first possessing a strong sense of character. This means you do not say things you do not mean, promises are not made you cannot keep and you stay in a place of integrity in all of your dealings, in and out of work. The reason people trust you is because you keep your word, you are not emotionally labile and people sense they can trust you to be who you say you’re going to be with a sense of consistency.

7. Draw upon experience

You gain trustworthiness by experience. In order to get experience, you have to make bold moves. Yes, you might fail; but even in failure, you earn trust.

Many successful entrepreneurs in their twenty-somethings who are worth millions of dollars, investing in VC, starting tech companies and disrupting industries. One of the ways that they’ve built their businesses is by experiencing ups and downs, and creating trust in that way.

8. Confidence

Ironic as it seems, someone who is trustworthy is someone who insists on his or her own way.

Why is this true? In any relationship, people will trust someone who knows what they are doing. If you behave in such a way that you know what you’re doing, it inspires trust in others.

9. Be resourceful

Trusted people are always learning and growing. They are constant students. They always know there is room to get better, and because of that, they know ways to help inspire and support others—and they give and share those resources.

10. Be compassionate

Trustworthy people put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are always thinking of others, feeling for others—it’s not all about them.

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