Goa! The name that reckons a fun vacation destination. But that’s not all. Have you ever wondered how it would be like working in Goa, or to be precise how would it be like to set up a startup in Goa. Sounds fun right! Well that’s how it actually is.


Here are the 8 startups changing Goa’s journey from travel to startup destination

1. Browntape

This cloud based platform for multichannel online sales was developed by Gurpreet Singh and Piyush Goel. It received seed funding from Krishnan Ganesh in April 2014. This platform helps online merchants manage their orders and inventory for multiple e-commerce marketplaces.

2. Beard design

As the name suggests Beard design works towards website and digital design. It was founded by Abhishek Sarda. This helps brands develop beautiful websites and other digital products.

3. FleetRover

FleetRover delivers uncluttered insights into fleet movement, position, behaviour and fuel consumption. Surface real-time actionable insights through GPS tracking hardware connected to vehicle ECMs.  Luke Sequeira, Chris Atkinson, Hannah Bain, Joshua Silveira and Aprup Shet. Raised $180,000 in 2015 from angel investors Tim Chen (CEO, Nerdwallet) and Sanjay Venkat (former VP, Bank of America), partner at Cadian Capital.

4. GrowthGravy

GrowthGravy founded by Viresh Vazirani aims to provide Growth Hacking solutions to startups. Growth Hacking is a blend of creativity, data analytics & marketing with which we help our clients achieve explosive growth. Growth Gravy is powered by a team which has the experience of working with projects like StartupGoa, Goa, EDMofy & more.

5. Inventrom

This brainchild of Pranav Pai Vernekar and Vinayak Joshi has launched NetPlug that helps manufacturers of electrical appliances, electronic devices and industrial machinery connect their products to the Internet. They have also built a cool Humanoid robot. Their primary focus is on R&D and design and are paying a lot of attention to user-friendliness and aesthetics of the systems that we design and it can be seen reflected in our products.

6. Mobobeat

Mobobeat was designed by Tyrone D’Souza. In less than a year it has clients across the world. Its USP is that it works on cost per install (CPI) basis rather than the traditional cost per click (CPC) basis preferred by traditional ad networks.

7. Prototyze

Prototyze is an incubator building mobile-centric businesses, which has spawned multiple ventures. These include HandyTrain (a mobile platform for corporate training), Mobiefit (a mobile fitness company), TempoGo (a digital platform for Road Freight Transportation), Seynse (pronounced ‘Sense’) – a financial technology company that operates a digital lending platform called Loan Singh, and Monde Art (a global platform for individuals and institutions to buy, rent or commission art for their homes or offices). And a couple of others that are still in stealth mode.

8. Vacation labs

An IIT alumnus Saurabh Nanda set up Vacation labs. They offer a combination of a back-office platform and booking engine, and includes a supplier-side mobile app for tour and activity operators. The two-year-old firm has about 1,800 customers.

There are various points that work in favour of Goa being a choice station for Startups to grow and develop. The traffic isn’t crazy, costs are low and work/life balance is a reality, not just this, operational costs are lower, pollution is under control, cheaper petrol and shorter daily commutes. Infrastructure too is improving.

The startup ecosystem is finding foothold in Goa gradually. The state is hosting a growing number of events each year. The Goa government is drafting policies to make the state more entrepreneur-friendly. The Goa Chamber of Commerce’s YEF monthly meetups feature networking and knowledge sharing sessions. GEMS – Goa Entrepreneurs Mentoring Services organizes mentoring sessions for SMEs. IT parks and incubation centres from CIBA and GITIC are in the works. With Google considering a centre in Goa, the future looks interesting.

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