Whether it is your first date or taking your family for a fun outing or going for a long drive with your friends, Cars brings loved ones together. With having said that car care is never given importance in India by service centers and car manufactures.Hence there is a dire need to bring Customer Service to the forefront of worry-free Car Care. One startup that has taken up this initiative is BookMyTime.




BookMyTime is a free mobile and web based platform that is “all about cars”. They offer the best rates on new cars, insurance premiums, servicing and repairs. It is also the first app in Bangalore to have mapped puncture shops in and around the city. They also provide towing services even in remote areas around Karnataka. The app utilizes the group buying concept to ensure that customers get the best rates on new car buying and insurance premiums. BookMyTime has also been able to make car servicing and repairing far more transparent, customer friendly and affordable. They also have a very strong back end team, comprising of design and technology experts with vast expertise in the Automobile industry. which takes care of requests within 24 hours.

Founded by Tony Hadzi, Raghurama Kote and Muki Regunathan, BookMyTime was founded in the year 2016 and is based out of Bangalore. Tony has extensive expertise in executive leadership functions in the Global IT services industry since 1980. He is responsible for providing the strategic direction and global direction for BookMyTime. Passionate about cars, Raghurama Kote, is a task master with sharp business acumen and an action oriented leader. And, a people’s person, Muki Regunathan has failed seven times and even went bankrupt before he started his first successful company.During his career spanning over 22 years, he has successfully influenced over 250 companies on the various challenges that startups typically face.

Raghavendra Chandrappa , former CEO and Founder of Service My Car, was appointed as the CEO after BookMyTime acquired it. Muki Regunathan, a cofounder is also the spokesperson. Vinay Narayana Swamy is the Chief Navigator and Suresh Vedagari is the chief engineer. BookMyTime is complemented by a strong back end team.

With 2500 downloads at last count, the app has had an almost 100% conversion rate into customers. The startup is coming out with a device called On Board Diagnostics (OBD) which will monitor the health of cars and drastically reduce insurance costs. BookMyTime also plans to expand to other cities very soon.

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