Well if we go by statistics there are roughly about 2.2 million Apps in the App Store and about 2.6 million in the Play Store. These numbers look huge and what is even more interesting is that the average user uses only about 27 apps a month which means the app is opened at least once a month, along with basics such as email, messages, alarm clock, etc.


So the point here is that you are competing with millions of apps, and many of the top spots are already taken. When you look closer as an entrepreneur, you’re facing some serious marketing challenges. With having said that, it is a very well known fact that the app economy is as hot as it gets. App revenues are growing faster than ever before, and mobile is officially taking over the web — whether that means ecommerce, advertising or search. All you need to do is polish your App better to gain that competitive edge.

We have enlisted 10 must have attributes for your app to stand out in such huge competition.

1. Your icon and screenshots must stand out

Well a book is most of the times judged by its cover, hence, your icon and screenshots must stand out in the App Store. These are some of the most important tools you have to get your app found. Your icon should stand out, look pretty and not be cluttered. The same applies to your screenshots.

2. Identify your expectations

Decide what you want to achieve with the app. If you’re trying to educate customers and earn their trust through high-value content, design your app around a great reading and navigation experience. If you’re focused solely on driving sales, you’ll need to build in a number of opportunities for customers to buy your services.

3. Work on your copywriting text

Your description is one of the most important elements for convincing a visitor to download your app. You want to nail the intro line, so treat this text as if it were a copy for your Adwords ad. It should be crisp and powerful and state your value proposition in a clear and concise way.

4. Segment your users for better ratings

One of the ways to improve your ratings is to segment your users for better ratings -those who like your app and those who don’t. You can achieve this by showing a pop-up asking users to review your app, you may ask them, “Do you like this app?” If the response is yes, ask them to leave a five-star review; if the answer is no, direct them to your support forum.

5. Work at improving your reviews

One of the ways to achieve good reviews is to make sure your app is well tested (the majority of one-star reviews complain about frequent crashes). You also want to provide an outlet for customer complaints, as well as technical support. Ratings and reviews account for 75 percent, while screenshots and description account for 15 percent and 10 percent, respectively. So, the better your reviews, the more conversions you get.

6. Get referrals and word of mouth publicity

Referrals are very strong means of new app discovery. And getting a referral completely depends on your app. But you still should motivate users to share and make referrals by giving away freebies and other incentives. Also Word of mouth publicity is a very powerful tool to make your mark in public memory, hence, focus on these.

7. Use App Bundles if possible

App Bundles are another relatively recent feature that makes App Store marketing much more potent. App Bundles allows paid apps to be included in bundles of up to 10 apps. The great thing is that these bundles are featured on the App Store’s main “Featured” page, boosting your chances to be found.

8. Insert a video

The video is a powerful sales tool, and you should use it. To make it work, take the time to ensure it’s not merely a nice showcase of features. An excellent video involves a mix of storytelling and selling and a strong call-to-action. It is easier to make a mark in the memory of your potential customers through a video, because what you see is what you remember.

9. Keep updating your SEO skills

A common question many entrepreneurs face  is how exactly to make an app easy to find. The answer is that just as happens with traditional SEO, ASO is about high-volume, low-competition keywords. Apps that include keywords in their title tend to rank better. App descriptions also count, but in any case avoid being spammy. When it comes to new-app discovery, data shows that 63 percent of iOS users find new apps simply by browsing the App Store.

10. Consider the consumer

Think about when and why people use your app. Build it around their motivations, and design it by seeing the app through their eyes. What’s the easiest, most intuitive way to move from point to point,the logical flow of information, etc. Ask yourself such questions and by answering them you can create an experience so seamless that users will return to the app for the content and the ease of use.

Apps play an important role in a brand strategy. The key to app success is to enhance your brand image by providing value to customers and creating positive associations with your company. Use your app to build relationships, and it will become a powerful sales component.


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