The backbone of any organisation for that matter is its sales team and inturn the backbone of any sales team is the number of leads that they have.Number of leads is directly proportional to the number of potential customers that any sales team can have. Sales as we all know is a high pressure job and it is a good idea to work towards simplifying this role for an organisation’s success. One startup that is working towards this direction is Clodura.


Clodura is an Automated LeadGen platform which uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close. Clodura collects data from over 80 paid and unpaid sources and analyzes them to understand the strategic direction taken by each company. Its core machine learning algorithm can then predict, which company is going to need which service and at what stage and then this information is passed on to their customers as a lead. Potentially, they help sales managers in finding low hanging fruits that can be closed quickly and create a healthy sales pipeline. They not only identify a problem but also find the decision maker and find his contact details, essentially doing all the hardwork for sales teams, so that they can just focus on closing more deals.


Founder- Clodura

Clodura is based out of Pune and was founded by Kapil Khangaokar in the year 2016. Kapil is an engineer at heart and businessman by profession, Kapil with over 11 years of work experience and robust knowledge in IT sales is a stalwart in his domain. Kapil has led sales teams for multiple organizations and achieved multi-million dollar sales targets in various geographies. He is enthusiastic about innovative technology and keeps achieving excellence with his skills and expertise. He is a software engineer with a master’s degree in finance and marketing.

The core team consists of Kapil Khangaonkar, Sunu Engineer and Ajay Dhubey. Sunu is the CTO for the startup,  equipped with 25 years of experience, Sunu has led many well-known companies on the technology front. He truly lives by his second name, Engineer. He is a technology evangelist who loves to explore latest trends in technology and implement them in the most innovative ways. He has been a visiting faculty at the American University of Beirut and scientific officer at Inter University center for astronomy and astrophysics.

Ajay with 36 years of work experience with IT giants like Infosys, Patni computers, Persistent and Uniken, Ajay guides Clodura and rightly so. He has played a senior management role in all the companies and comes with a BTech degree from IIT Kanpur. His experience, skills, and expertise are helping Clodura achieve their goals efficiently and faster.

Clodura uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close. Clodura provide end to end information and solution that a salesperson need to close the deal. So, all the companies looking for expertise in lead generation must consider working with Clodura.

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