Bangalore-based food delivery startup Eatfresh has stopped its on-demand food delivery service and will only do group and bulk orders from now on.


“Dear Customers, We no longer operate our on-demand meal delivery service, and will only cater to party or bulk orders in the future. We strived to create a differentiated offering, and hope that we leave you with some happy memories,”

says a message on its website.

The company was founded in 2015 by Rajiv Subramanian and Ashrujit Mohanty and were operating almost 50 outlets in Chennai and Bangalore.

“Ubiquitous Foods has nearly 70 operational locations under the Ovenfresh brand , which are profitable and fully operational. The Eatfresh brand was a minor contributor to company revenues, and we continue to service bulk orders through the brand. We took this tough decision because we feel our margins and revenue are far superior on Ovenfresh than with Eatfresh.We have decided to focus on the Ovenfresh brand for individual deliveries, as we find it a relatively better allocation of capital,”

Subramanian told.

EatFresh is certainly one of the more popular food options in Bangalore – its Facebook page is currently littered with visitor posts saying how much they miss its services.

On the other hand Ovenfresh, a retail bakery chain Subramanian founded eight years ago, claims to cater to 10,000 customers a day across 50 locations in Chennai and Bangalore.

212 startups had shut down altogether in 2016 which is 50% higher than 2015.

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