Coco Chanel once said,

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

One startup that has taken up this statement as their mantra is Orangepick.

Orangepick is a mobile application which aims to become a search as well as a suggestion engine for fashion. The objective is to help people discover the latest fashion, either individually or through a community, as per their style preferences. The app curates the best in fashion from multiple online and offline stores and also allows users to ask the community of fashion enthusiasts to help them find the styles they fancy.



Team Orangepick

The Orangepick Android app was launched in June 2016 by Arpit Sharma, Piyush Malhotra, Anand Kumar and Soumya Sharm.The founding team of Orangepick comprises of Arpit Sharma, Piyush Malhotra, Anand Kumar and Soumya Sharma who are all alumni of LBSIM, Delhi. Arpit handles Product Developlment and has earlier worked with brands like Tata and L&T in both the technical and the business domain. Piyush takes care of Marketing and Business Development, and has previously worked in domains like Presales, Marketing & Alliances. Anand has experience in handling seller acquisition and Business Development for a leading E-commerce company and understands the pain points which sellers face when selling online. Soumya has worked with a large international retailer in the HR domain and understands the metrics and the problems brands face in offline retail. The founding team also has close to 2 years of experience in managing their own fashion brands online.

Their technical team have been involved in the core product development of well funded startups like Jugnoo, InstaLively and Pulse with experience in building scalable technologies. The 6 member team, including the founders, have a combined experience of over 20 years in various domains and verticals with leading multinationals as well as startups.

Orangepick aims at empowering an individual with actionable information to make an informed decision during the buying process. Through the concept of personalized fashion suggestions, one can get styling & shopping tips from other users on the platform. One can also inspire others by showcasing their fashion expertise and combining their favourite products into complete outfits. Further, the idea is to build AI and machine learning algorithms to fire up automated yet personalized responses to an individual’s style search, while providing the community engagement to make fashion discovery a unique experience.

Orangepick also looks forward to function as a ready-made mobile omni-channel solution for a brand and also plans to provide brands access to organic influencers through a patent pending marketing model which allows every user/customer to become a marketer, thus maximizing the Return on investment.

The app has about 12,000 users (with 15% month on month growth) with an average of 300 sessions per day. As a platform, Orangepick has over 15 online affiliations, partnered with 2 prominent online fashion brands and on-boarded 100+ offline fashion stores and boutiques in Delhi-NCR. Since the launch of its “Style Talk” feature in November 2016, the app has garnered over 300 style queries with a 90% response rate.

The team plans to come out with the iOS version of the application by the end of February 2017. From a technical standpoint, the product will further evolve into providing users with more automated and personalized experiences as a value proposition, through machine learning algorithms and AI. The implementation of a unique reward program is also in the pipeline to incentivize quality content creation and style suggestions, which will result in effective community engagement as well as conversions.

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