One of the most important department of any organisation is Sales. The sales team of any company decides the fate of the company, thus finding the right people to be part of the sales team is very important. One startup that helps your organisation find the right kind of talent for your team is Mintly.


Mintly, is an online marketplace for Sales jobs (& pink collared jobs) focused on tier 2 and 3 cities across Retail, FMCG and Finance industries in India. They offer Video based Resume Pitch for jobseekers and Employers. Jobseekers were constantly mentored by Mentors, who have strong experience in their domain.



Founded by Suddan N Shanmugasundaram in 2016 this startup is based out of Coimbatore. The team comprise of 12 Software Engineers, HR and Digital Marketers with experience in US and India. Majority of the team is based out of Coimbatore, while significant strength in Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata and in US.  Suddan is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of HR CUBE, a global HR Tech Startup based out of Indianapolis,US with markets in India and US. His team of 15+ people is helping companies find their talent and jobseekers search for the best opportunities.He is launching another entity, Mintly focused on building Marketplace for Sales professionals in finding jobs, getting content,connecting with sales people and training.

Within a very short span they have managed to become a Go to Marketplace for Sales (related Jobs, Content, Training and Community) in Retail, FMCG and Finance Sectors. Our marketplace is technology driven with a personalized approach to matchmaking between Employers and Jobseekers in the Sales Domain.

Mintly is an initiative by Team HR CUBE to connect best minds from the Sales industry and leverage the power of a community driven workforce. Get trained, get access to exclusive job openings from Sales, connect with Sales honchos and get exclusive training modules (in-house and online).

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