Supercraft3D, an additive manufacturing (3D printing) startup focused on healthcare and medical applications, has raised $1 million, or approximately Rs 6.6 crore, from Flipkart cofounder Binny Bansal and four other angel investors.


Supercraft3D is a 3D bioprinting company specialising in tailor-made knee, hip and jaw implants for patients, and models that can be used for surgical planning.

“The surgical models like X-ray, MRI or CT scan are in 2D and are monochromatic. The common man cannot understand what it says. Surgeons also find it tough at times. So, we decided to convert the se images into 3D models,”

said Maltesh Somasekharappa, cofounder of Supercraft3D.

The company offers its solutions across three verticals: medical models, implants and surgical instruments. As per the company’s LinkedIn profile, the startup is first in Asia to be able to offer additive manufactured customised body implants made of a bio-compatible Titanium alloy.

The page also mentions,

“Using sophisticated hardware and software, we are able to convert traditional X-Ray, MRI, CT and other diagnostic images into clear transparent 3D Models, at a fraction of the cost and in most cases within 24 Hrs. These models are highly accurate and help the doctor to plan a better surgery, as well as the patient to understand his anatomy before undergoing any hospitalisation. These models can also act as evidence in any medico-legal situation.”

“We have started the R&D for patient-specific implants. We (Asians) get very limited choices when it comes to knee implants, for example. We make implants specific to the patient based on age and lifestyle,”

added Maltesh Somasekharappa.

Bansal, who is CEO at Flipkart, has backed several startups including biotech-based 3D printing firm Pandorum Technologies, smart electric scooter maker Ather Energy, and media startup Inshorts.

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