Uber is all set up to launch UberEATS, a new food delivery service in India. The restaurant food delivery service, which first began in 2014 in Los Angeles, has been slowly making its way across the globe – and it’s currently available in 58 cities. The company ahead of the India launch wants feedback from consumers, and is also opening the floor to restaurant and delivery partners.


“I am incredibly excited about bringing UberEATS to India. This is a significant investment, it spans multiple cities and regions, and it has the potential to change the food industry – with the push of a button – in one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world,” said Allen Penn, Asia Pacific’s head of UberEATS.

While Uber is currently looking to setup its network of restaurants and delivery partners in India, the app is already available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, after you login and enter the location, you’ll see a message ‘we’re coming soon’ followed by a button ‘Notify Me’ which will give you a notification when the service goes live.

UberEATS uses the same technology as their cab service, and has partnered with restaurants across India for faster food delivery.  It is cost-effective and efficient, designed to get food delivered to you, as easy as requesting a ride, the company claims.

Uber isn’t the first cab service trying its hand on food delivery, Ola, Uber’s arch-rival in the Indian market, had shut down its food ordering and delivery service Ola Cafe in March last year, less than a year after starting it. Integrated into Ola’s cab-hailing app, Ola Cafe was operational in parts of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai. The company had also shut down its hyperlocal delivery app Ola Store along with Ola Café. It termed the two services as “experiments” introduced to use the company’s technological and logistical capabilities.

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