We Indian’s are a visual media loving country and what best can a viewer ask for that getting an option to have a 360 degree live action and animated experience. One startup that has made this their business is Meraki Studio.


‘Meraki’ means ‘to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work’ , and that is exactly what this studio does. Meraki is one of India’s First Virtual Reality Studios for 360 degree live action and animated experiences. They create 360 degree Virtual Reality Films and Experiences for Events, Concerts, Advertisements, Digital Marketing, Tourism, News, Real Estate, Weddings, Sports and Adventure.


Team- Meraki Studio

Meraki Studio was founded by Parth Choksi, Sairam Sagiraju and Agam Garg in the year 2015 and is based out of Mumbai. Parth is an IIT-Bombay alumnus, who holds great passion about work in the areas of technology, branding and marketing. Having a sharp sense of numbers and being tech-savvy, Parth has previously co-founded LevoDrive, an intra-city public bus transport system. Being an enthusiast in engineering and technology, Parth has designed and fabricated a VR Camera rig and a RC Robot to shoot moving VR shots at Meraki. He also worked with ITC, where he worked a part of their engineering team on projects based on renewable energy, having commissioned a 1MW solar power plant and designed a 10MW solar power pack and Finished Goods Store construction.He has always been drawn towards sports, having represented his college in swimming and water polo. He is also an ardent follower of Football and Formula 1 racing. When free, Parth likes to read books and listen to music.

Sairam is a film writer and director, who is best known for directing the music videos for the Grammy award winning album, Winds of Samsara. With a keen interest in visual storytelling, he studied at Mumbai’s XIC, where his diploma film ‘A Blessing in Death’ won the ‘Hrishikesh Mukherjee Memorial Award for Best Social Documentary’. He has since directed various films for the Government, Corporates and NGOs. Sairam has previously worked with Prime Focus Technologies where he developed a film data model, and Housing.com as head of content production. In 2012, he was honoured as one of Bangalore’s youth icons by ‘This Week Bangalore’. With a keen interest in photography and a passion for Royal Enfield bikes, nothing has stopped

Agam from exploring his adventurous side. An IIT-Bombay alumnus, Agam has worn many hats. He has worked as a Java Developer for Oracle and as a Credit Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse, in the past. He has previously explored the world of start-ups with LevoDrive, an online intra-city public bus transport system. Agam loves to connect and work with people from diverse backgrounds, with business networking being one of his strengths. He has gone on bike expeditions to Nepal and Leh, and is an active sportsperson, having being part of the IIT-Bombay basketball squad.


This team creates immersive live action and animated VR content. We have designed our own solutions for shooting VR content and have so far worked on 16 such projects. They  immerse themselves to produce engaging content through an innovative and experiential medium. They craft intimate experiences by leveraging the technology of Virtual Reality and rewriting the rules of storytelling. The trio believes that Virtual Reality has the potential to spike a sense of presence and awareness in audiences and thus, stir up a heightened dose of emotional engagement and their aim is to create exciting content that emotionally connects with our audience while we push the boundaries of Virtual Reality.

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