It’s important to learn about your own financial habits early on. Whether you want to travel the world, pay off loans quickly or invest in real estate, managing your money is essential to any financial goal you set for yourself.


Personal finance apps might not make you a millionaire overnight but can surely help you keep you track expenses and plan your budgets better. We’ve picked some cool apps that bring some serious functionality to your mobile screen and make sense of your monthly expenditure.

1. Mvelopes

Imagine breaking down your monthly budget (based on your income) into smaller category-wise budgets (food, gas, entertainment etc.) and then putting those amounts into envelopes. Mvelopes takes this simple idea and executes it in a well-designed app. Once you exhaust a spending envelope you wait till the next month or transfer money from another envelope. The free version of the app allows you to create 25 categories of envelopes and also syncs up with four of your accounts, tracking online transactions too.

2. Money Lover

Money Lover for Android is designed to help you understand where your money goes, so you can spend more effectively. The app has an expense tracker where you just have to input the category and punch in the amount, a budget planner which is weekly, monthly and yearly. The app will also send you detailed reports of your expenses along with visualizations. The best thing about this app, is that it syncs across various devices, so your data is available to you at all times. You can even create a separate section to track special expenses such as during a vacation or while travelling.

3. Money view

Your entire personal finance has never been easier to manage when using this android app. Featuring automated data entries, the Money View app takes away all the hassles of having to manually punch in your expenses. The app scans your SMSes for messages involving financial transactions. It supports almost every bank of India and also auto-categorizes your expenses. There is a bill tracker and Bill management section which sends you timely reminders for paying your bills. You can also manage shared expenses like shared apartment expenses with your roommates or a vacation with friends. With Money View, stay on top of your expenses.

4. My Tax India


Calculating taxes taking into account investments and other deductions can be intimidating, but My Tax India makes the process really simple. The tax calculator doesn’t actually file the taxes for you – but it makes it simple to understand how much tax you do need to pay, and you can experiment with the different settings to learn what the optimum level of investment will be for you. Even if you understand absolutely nothing about personal finance you will be able to use this app. This way, when the time comes to file your returns, you will already know what to expect, instead of getting a surprise at the time. We couldn’t find a good alternative for this app for BlackBerry users, since most search results were 1-star or 0-star apps, but the Android app ran properly on a BlackBerry Z10.

5. Money Control

If you trade/invest in Stock Markets or Mutual Funds– then the Moneycontrol App is the best app for you. It very neatly summarises all your Stock Market and Mutual Fund Investments and also keeps you updated with the latest prices of these Investments.You can create your own Portfolio on the Moneycontrol App and very easily track all your Stock Market Investments through this App at the click of a button. Apart from simply tracking the latest value of your Investments, it also gives you suggestions on whether you should buy/sell or hold your investments.It also has a very active forum wherein people keep on discussing about the best Investment ideas, best time to buy/ sell and various other investment related discussions.

6. Financial Calculator

Often times, we are stumped by the sheer number of formulaes for calculating your taxes, EMIs, Credit Card dues and the likes. Make use of this handy financial calculator to get on top of any complex financial calculation. The app features investment calculators for checking your Returns on Investments, Compound Interest, TVM,etc; Loan/Mortgage Calculators for simplying mortgage-related decisions; Retirement Calculator for analyzing your savings; Credit Card Calculators to understand how much you have due. Apart from these, there are other much-needed calculators such as a currency converter, tip calculator, discount calculator, etc. The app may not look good but it’s useful as hell when trying to navigate through the ocean of data vying for your attention.

7. Splitwise

We all go out in groups and enjoy movies/ food/ outings etc and then we divide the bill among all the participants. This is where this app comes handy in splitting the expenses. Many people think that splitting bills is simple mathematics but if you try out this app you’ll realise how easy it is to split expenses using this app.

This app has become very popular among the college goers as they usually hangout in groups. Moreover, if you are staying in groups or with roommates, this is where this app comes even more handy when all your expenses are joint expenses and it gets difficult to split expenses.

8. Digilocker

DigiLocker is a Digital Locker App launched by Narendra Modi in 2015 which helps people to keep their documents online in highly safe and secure manner. You can keep all your confidential and financial documents on the DigiLocker like your PAN Card, Income Tax Returns, Bank Documents etc on this DigiLocker.

This DigiLocker can accessed both through the Web as well as the App. This DigiLocker is linked to your Aadhaar Card and proper authentication is done before accessing the DigiLocker. A one-time password is sent to your registered mobile no. every time you want to access this locker. Moreover, the DigiLocker is available for free for everyone.

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