As soon as the academic year comes to an end, all students and their parents are gripped by just one concern and that is getting admissions. The admission process involves too much information and too much stress. One startup that understands the risks involved is Admito.


Admito is a platform which will help a students get a personalized list of colleges to which they can apply according to their scores, profile and preferences like specialization, location etc.So far, Admito has helped 10,000+ students in making a better college selection. Admito identifies the best-suited colleges, and brings together all the college insights and people from around the internet, to help select the perfect one. Admito even provides entrance exam specific preparation folders to help students crack their exams.


Founder Admito

Admito is developed as an effort to help you in choosing the best path of your life. It is not just a tool but a friend which will understand you and your needs. It will give you the most accurate and corrective information about the choices you have. An expert in profiling, a master in information processing, an ace in counseling, Admito delivers trustworthy intelligence at your fingertips.

The startup is based out of Gurgaon and was founded by Manu Jain, Suprabhat Sen and Mukesh Kumar. Manu Jain is the founder and CEO of the startup, he has completed his Engineering from NIT Jaipur and  MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Suprabhat is the CTO with and engineering degree from NIT Jaipur and Mukesh Kumar is the VP with an engineering degree from NIT Jaipur. The team consists of Manu Jain, Sahil Garg, Suprabhat Sen, Himanshu Mendiratta and Mukesh Kumar and Sherry Jindal are the graduates from NIT and currently perusing MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. They are working on Admito with an aim to streamline the entire Indian Education Admission Process.

Some of the key features of Admito are:

1. Machine learning algorithm to predict the college and show relevant information. We have the most advanced and precise in Indian Market.
2. Ability to capture a student’s admission journey data from the college form filled to college taken.
3. Nothing like conversation threads or chat rooms in which answers might get bogged down under other chat messages.
4. Easy and quick signup and an overall seamless experience.
5. Refined results with 15+ parameters

They currently have a database of 600+ colleges and they are striving hard to improve this figure. On the other hand, they have student’s data of 10,000+ students and it is improving daily.

They are working towards creating a full proof base for future services, and currently are providing their services free of cost to students. In the second phase of their plan, they will start selling premium services to students, like on-call Guidance service, Resume writing etc. They will broaden our horizon and collaborate with institutes, and help them with their notification system and campaigning. They will target notifications and campaigns on the basis of exams taken, colleges applied, fee preferences and other 10+ parameters.

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