There are many obstacles that can lead to missed deadlines and late delivery of projects. Epicflow was created to help businesses avoid these obstacles.


A team of Dutch scientists who are passionate about project portfolio management developed Epicflow to prevent bottlenecks and ensure that projects are finished on time. The current version of Epicflow is built on an algorithm that balances workloads and due date performance.


Team Epicflow

Founded by the creators of the Flow multi-project management method, Epicflow is based out of Amsterdam. After 20 years of experience in multi-project management at Dutch enterprises, the creators of Flow started to develop their own tool. Epicflow follows the Flow methodology by prioritizing tasks based on demand and continuously identifying and solving bottlenecks. Do I have enough resources? Is everybody focusing on the right thing? This analytical SaaS platform integrates with existing PM tools (Jira, MS Project, Primavera, Trimergo, etc.) to provide PMs with the insights they need to achieve their multi-projects goals. Its future load graph empowers PMs to immediately project the impact of additional projects on the resource load.

The Epicflow PM software analyzes the workload of all team members and prioritizes tasks based on demand. By regularly allocating resources among multiple projects, Epicflow improves business performance; and with automatic re-scheduling, project managers can spend less time managing while achieving greater output. Working with Epicflow, teams are able to complete 50% of their projects earlier than expected, thus exceeding previous output.

Epicflow improves business performance through predictive analytics for project management. Thanks to their core feature – the future load graph – project management experts can see how an additional project would affect workload and capacity.

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