In today’s smartphone age, we are habituated to use app for everything we do. In other words, apps have become the way of life for us. Same holds true for business as well. Everyone wants to have an app for their business to cater to the tech savvy audience. This is precisely how Vendorzapp was born.

VendorzApp is born out of a desire to help the businesses, which are not very big but have a potential to make it BIG.In a world that’s constantly changing the way you communicate and connect with your customers, for many technology may be overwhelming. They want to help such potential customers through the world of customer connect by simplifying technology that can be leveraged for business.

Based out of Pune and founded in the year 2016 Vendorzapp’s build easy-to-configure Apps & websites for all types of online retail business. Go live with your business branded, beautifully designed apps and website at a fraction of the cost of custom developed solutions. No coding required. No technical knowledge required. Flexible features. Quick to go-live, easy-to-go-use Android and iOS apps & mobile friendly websites for your e-commerce business. Vendorzapp helps you to engage with your customers better. Give your business a virtual face, create easy channels for your customers to know about your product launches and promotions, Reporting abilities and many more.

Vendorzapp was founded by Abhishek Iyer. Abhishek started his technology career with some of the Tier 1 technology companies in India. Following that, he also worked with some small and large product companies where he moved gradually from a purely technical role to focusing on user experience design. After having spent a little over a decade in the industry, he decided to start off his own venture with a ‘people first’ paradigm. Today, with a team that is driven by a passion for designing and developing user focussed solutions for the small and mid sized business segments, Abhishek is working closely with entrepreneurs in various industries to make their life easier with the help of technology.

If we go by statistics, we will come to understand that 20+ ecommerce websites are now powered by Vendorzapp. Vendorzapp helps you engage better with your customers . Give your business a virtual face, Create easy channels for your customers to know about your product launches and promotions, Reporting abilities and many more. Their future plan includes selling more than 500 apps by the end of 2017.

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