Mahendra Singh Dhoni was one of the best captains any cricketing team ever saw and there are statistics to back the claim. He is an outstanding batsman and a wicket keeper and he just doesn’t stops here. Not only has Dhoni lived life like a true hero but has time and again given us major goals in life.

Dhoni is known for his leadership qualities, team spirit and the way he is always standing up for his team, no matter what. He has developed a reputation for being one of the greatest leaders that the game of cricket has ever seen.

Here are the 10 Success lessons from MS Dhoni – “Greatest Indian Captain” for entrepreneurs,

1. Staying calm under pressure

Even when severely tested, Dhoni manages to stay calm and this influences his whole team to resist caving in. They gain self belief and continue to perform at their best, inspired by their captain. This is one of the biggest gifts a leader can give to his company. Creativity comes to your rescue only if you are calm and focused, not emotionally hijacked.

2. Stay humble & never stop learning from your peers

Dhoni had a reputation as an aggressive batsman from a very early age, but, he didn’t let his ego stop him from learning from others. He learned the helicopter shot from his friend, which later on became a trademark shot of Captain Cool.

3. Trust your Instinct

Leaders generally have advisors and data to help them in decision making, but they also need to rely on their gut instinct. True captains can do this. In a Champions League final playing against England, Dhoni chose Ishant Shama over Umesh Yadav to bowl one more over. The match turned for India. Dhoni clarified in his BCCI. TV interview that his own instinct comes from taking an educated guess based on knowledge and experience; his decisions don’t just come from nowhere.

4. Take risks

From giving the final over to Joginder Sharma in the 2007 T20 World Cup to coming to bat ahead in the final of 2011 One-Day World Cup to letting Virat Kohli bowl for the final over in the 2016 T20 World Cup, Dhoni has shown that he, as a leader, will never hesitate to take risks. This attitude has made him India’s most successful captain. Sometimes, these risks have backfired too but that doesn’t mean he has stopped taking them.

5. Encourage new talent

Being at the top of the success ladder, Dhoni pulled up new talents that he felt deserved their chance to shine. Right from Joginder Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane to Ravindra Jadeja, he picked the best from the young talent pool.

6. Give credit to your team

This is one of the most important leadership lessons from Dhoni. In the past, whenever the Indian team has won matches, Dhoni has given full credit to its team members even when he has played a bigger role in those matches (he is one of the best finishers in the world). This is how the team becomes more confident and trusts the leader.

7. Versatility

Staying agile in sport and business is another masterstroke. Dhoni can play three formats of the game; he can bat, keep wicket and bowl. He is popular but does not demand attention. He does not get over- emotional in victory, or in defeat.

Versatility is another key to longevity in business and in sport!

8. Staying focussed

Being able to insulate yourself from your environment is vital for success, and Dhoni demonstrated this during the Champions Trophy when there was controversy over the Indian Premier League. An ability to cut through distraction and negative energy is one of the best marks of a leader in every situation.

9. Being confident

Even though Dhoni hails from a modest rustic background, he never let this hold him back. He is always confident, forthright and often surprises audiences and media with his comments. Not holding back and being true to yourself carries you far in the corporate as well as the sporting world.

10. Gracefully accept constructive criticism

India was an underdog before the start of the 2007 T20 World Cup and yet came out as a winner at the end. In the presentation ceremony after final, Dhoni mentioned how he was determined to win the match even after hearing everyone’s criticism. That’s when the world came to know that this man has neither forgotten criticism nor has he collapsed under its weight. Instead, he has taken inspiration from it.

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