As e-commerce companies and apps are trying hard to habituate the users to spend on their platform, there is one startup that is reversing the trend by incentivizing the user by giving them lucky draw participation ticket and free recharges. The name of this innovative startup is PayTunes.

PayTunes is a new age audio-visual mobile ad platform where advertisers can selectively target their audience with their audio and visual ads. Its a unique platform which runs audio ads of brands as ringtones on phones of its app users, and in return pay them with free reward points which users can later use to take part in daily contests and win exciting prizes worth thousands of rupees like free recharges, pen drives, mobile phones and bikes etc.

Team PayTunes

PayTunes is based out of Delhi and was founded in the year 2015 by Divya Pratap, Rakesh Sehgal, Gaurav Tiwari and Amit Naredi. Divya Pratap is the CEO of this startup and is a graduate from IIT Delhi. He has worked as an Embedded Software Engineer at CSR Tech (Qualcomm) iOS developer for 3 years in IoT team working on sensors, Wi-fi and BLE. Then started an adventure sports based social networking prior to founding this. Rakesh has also graduated from IIT Delhi and has worked as a Management Consultant with PwC. He was also a Co-founder along with Gaurav in another startup Publify, a digital OOH Screens aggregator prior to this. Gaurav is an MBA from Symbiosis Pune and has worked as a Business Development Executive in Pidilite, Mars Chocolates and Wipro USA for 8 Yrs, prior to coming back to India and working with AAP for 2 years managing sizeable portfolios. Amit is an MBA from MSU and has 18+ years experience in media industry. He has worked with HT, Amar Ujala group, Hit FM perviously. He was last working as ‘Deputy regional head’ for My FM in Mumbai. and has joined PayTunes as Chief Sales officer.

PayTunes is a mobile advertising platform in Android where advertisements are pushed as mobile ringtones. It is an android app which replaces a user’s ringtones with ad jingles and rewards user with points on each incoming call. These users work as broadcaster for PayTunes. So whenever a call comes on the phone, user gets to hear an ad jingles instead of his ringtone and then rewarded with points (multiple points based on the listening duration) at the end of the call. User can later redeem these points by participating in the Lucky draw or earning cash for mobile recharges. The current team size is 10-15 employees who work under the four co-founders.

For Advertisers, PayTunes works as a complete ad platform with in-built analytics. Advertisers can selectively choose the users they want to target based on geography, demography and other parameters and push their ad from our platform’s backend dashboard through a single click.

Paytunes so far has 8.2 Lac users in total and 3.2 Lac active users phones till now.They are currently running 2 million ad impressions daily on their users with the overall reach of about 3 million users daily. The team has some ambitious plans like tying up with telecom companies for better redemption plans and extending the usage and its reach by teaming up with mobile manufacturers. The company has initiated discussions with some of the leading mobile manufacturers and telecom companies for this already.

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