Elon Musk is one of the most accomplished tech leaders in the world. You’d think this guy never sleeps. But it turns out, he does in fact sleep!

In a Reddit AMA from 2015, the Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO said he sleeps “almost exactly 6 hours on average.”

That’s slightly below the average amount of daily sleep advised by the National Sleep Foundation , which recommends that adults over 18 get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to maintain a healthy weight and mood and to improve one’s memory and athletic performance.

It’s surprising the 45-year-old entrepreneur even manages six hours, considering he splits most of his days between his ambitious aerospace and automotive companies; he is also a major philanthropist and the chairman of the green-energy service company Solar City, and he sits on several advisory and engineering boards. For what it’s worth, Musk has said that he’s slept in Tesla’s factories — even keeping a sleeping bag in a conference room next to where the manufacturing is done so he can better inspect vehicles as they come off the production line.

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