The Indian Government has launched an open collaborative development platform called OpenForge, for the development of e-governance applications.

The portal can be used by open source developers, governments, startups, academia/students, corporations, industries, scientific institutions.

The announcement was made during the 10th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICeGOV) in Delhi, held on March 7, 2017.

The Government has been looking to focus on using open source technologies to develop e-governance platforms, and this platform will help reduce redundancy is work done, as well as get more developers involved to work on shared projects. Additionally, allowing private players to participate and fork projects could spur innovation in e-governance, while also allowing easier reusability of code for different government agencies to do the same tasks.

It currently lists various projects like result framework management system, Aadhaar, unified payment interface, Open Street Maps, a full stack web application framework called Frappe, DigiLocker, open learning system, and even tutorials like programming for beginners.


Key Advantages

  • Reduce the pain and cost of creating own project source code repository and collaboration infrastructure.
  • For having access to tools such as commercial version control, defect tracking and task management, no premium needs to be paid.
  • Different peers can save their information in a safe and reliable project environment inside OpenForge.
  • Software teams will become more efficient and productive.
  • Projects, software development cycle, tasks, incidents etc. will become easier to manage and monitor.

OpenForge will allow developers to create two types of projects: public and private. While public projects can be created and collaborated on by any individual as long as it is related to e-governance. The private projects, on the other hand, are restricted to the government and not listed publicly. They are available for internal use to the government officials, who look after central code archival and maintenance.

The government has also provided support for Git, which provides each registered user with their own Personal repositories. It packs the same version control and multiple repository features that allow you to continue development of features in separate repositories. You can access these files using OpenForge or any other Git tool. The said platform also includes a document manager that comes in handy when you want to write some text to provide context along with your app.

Also, one of the most important features of the platform would have to be OpenForge Tracker, which allows “for the tracking of various artifacts like bugs, tasks, requirements, etc.” These trackers are automatically created when you start a new project in OpenForge. The government also understands the need for communication while building stuff, so it has provided you with a set of communication tools as well.

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