Motorcycle Tourism in India is not new and has long been an activity undertaken by Motorcycle Enthusiasts, but is highly un-fragmented and unstructured industry leading. Because of this unstructured nature of this industry customers are often left with bad taste and less than a “ whao “ experience. Appears that there is one startup that is working at structuring this for all its customers. We are talking about RebelRides.

RebelRides is a Start-up with ‘Luxury Motorcycle Rentals’ as their core service. RebelRides has begun this journey with the mission to cultivate and nurture the industry of “Motorcycle Tourism”. They wish to fill the gap, With technology at their behest, they can say with conviction that a there is a lot of headroom for growth in this sector business wise as well as a lot needs to be improved with customer experience.

Founders RebelRides

Founded in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs namely Akashdeep Singh Sachdev and Harsh Asher. Akash who is currently pursuing his MBA in marketing and communications from MICA – Ahmedabad. Akash has prior work experience in ITES industry, having worked with companies such as DELL, SYBASE and also has experience in entrepreneurship prior to starting this venture. Harsh Asher holds an MBA degree in Travel and Tourism. Harsh has extensive work experience in the field of Tourism having worked with prestigious organizations like Ministry of Tourism Oman, Thailand, and Seychelles among many others.

Harsh and Akash apart from having common passion for entrepreneurship also share immense enthusiasm for Bike Riding. The idea of Rebelrides was born from need that was identified during their personal challenge to ride premium motorcycles without having the need to own such costly motorcycles…. Thus was born the concept of Premium Motorcycles on rent.

In the first phase of its launch, RebelRides had as many categories of bikes like Cruisers (Harleys), Offroader (Himalayan) Cafe Racer & Street (Scrambler) and Lower End Cruiser (Classic 500). The venture is currently operational in Mumbai and will soon extend to Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Amritsar. It offers slab wise rentals in terms of pricing; so one can ride for as less as six hours instead of a whole day.

In the initial two months of its launch, the venture exceeded its internal targets and Akash expects 2017 to be a great year on account of increased interest and more players in the industry.

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