The laundry market of India is growing with a rapid pace. The sector is fragmented with 7,67,000 establishments, 98 per cent of which are micro-sized laundries with fewer than 10 workers, says a report by Euromonitor International. The modern life with frantic weekdays and indolent weekends of the working professionals, or bachelors staying away from their homes is a hustle to do the boring and tiring laundry. This has forced the laundry industry in India to just getting bigger and better. One startup that has been working in this direction and is slowly and steadily carving a niche for itself is eLaundry.

Founded in 2015 by Amit and Yogesh and based out of Mumbai, eLaundry is an affordable on demand laundry and dry cleaning service provider. They provide on demand laundry service experience at your convenient time at your doorstep. Ordering with eLaundry is really easy using eLaundry app on Play Store or just by calling on 9975715336. Then they pick up within two hours and deliver back within 48 hrs at your doorstep.

They provide you complete laundry and dry cleaning services – Laundry and Dry cleaning for Daily Wears, Office Wears, Party Wears, Bridal Wears, Sari’s, Toy Cleaning, Shoe laundry, Sofa / Mattresses / Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Bags and Leather products.

With a team size of 8 people, eLaundry is currently serving more than 800 customers every month. They provide complete laundry and dry cleaning services – everything one can think to be washed or dry cleaned.

They are currently catering to 800 customers in Mumbai and have processed over 25000 pieces of clothes. Usually a customer uses the service 2 to 4 times every month. They save 60 % water and up to 40 % electricity while doing laundry. Most of their customers have referred them to their friends, neighbours and colleagues. They are only app in laundry category which is rated 4.4 star on Google Play Store.

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