Furniture and home appliances rental company RentoMojo has launched an exciting service for customers, called ‘Bikes on lease’. The company is cashing on the increased demand of two-wheelers in India because of traffic woes and easier maintenance.

‘Bikes on lease’ will be offered by the company in the cities of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune, a city where 80% of the population uses two-wheelers for commuting and transportation, according to a survey conducted by RentoMojo.

According to the survey conducted by the startup, an average two-wheeler user saves up to Rs 1000 and shaves off time spent on commuting by 25-30 minutes , every month.

Apart from RentoMojo, another online renting platform SabRentKaro based out of Hyderabad, gives bikes on rent in the city.

Features of Bikes on lease

Customers can request bikes for any duration because the bike is handed over to them, and then lease the bike different monthly durations. For example, Bajaj CT 100B starts at Rs. 2,100 per month if rented for 24 months.

One will have to shell out Rs. 5,000 refundable deposit before leasing the bike. The monthly cost increases if you reduce the rent duration. For example, a 12-month booking for the same bike will set you back by Rs. 2,749 per month.

RentoMojo will also give a detailed comparison for you to share the actual price incurred by you at the end of the year, versus the price you would have paid, had you bought the bike. You can rent the bike for 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 24 months.

RentoMojo has brought an amazing deal to people who prefer travelling by bikes because there are no hourly rates for you. You can rent the whole bike at a very nominal rate every month and decide the duration as well, which is a win-win situation for both the involved parties.



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